How bout that Gafford jam...

For the lead? That was crazy. Can you imagine this kid with some time in the weight room?

I imagine NBA scouts are on high alert.
I hope we see him play another year
for our Razorbacks. I don’t like our odds.

He runs the floor like he is only 6’6".

Is that the play he received the ball about 10 feet from the basket?

Yup. One big stride and jam it.

I have no idea if Gafford will go or remain for another year. Rightfully Gafford will make the decision he thinks is best for him.

Gafford is not NBA ready so, if he leaves after one year, he will ride the bench his first year. However, because of his potential, if he leaves he will probably be drafted as a late first round pick. If he remains another year, he will be a top ten pick and, based on the pay schedule, Gafford would actually earn more money for one fewer year.