How bout Anderson and his Hogs now?

How do you keep Mike around? Are we waiting until we are worse next year? Until it’s less than 2k in the Bud? He is not going to sign a difference maker it will only be more recruiting failures.

Why are you around. You have 28 posts and all of them dumping on the coach and team.

I agree general, it’s obvious there’s issues with this team and the staff. But some people live to toot that negative horn.

We expect no one to be upset with this level of poor basketball?

I get jumping on people who may be more negative and ringing the bell for a better program, but at some point this kind of poor play and program management has to be held accountable, right? Or not at all?

I have never rooted for a coach as much as Mike but we can’t act offended by those who expect more than this because this isn’t good by most standards.

Very good post!

We all want better basketball. We see the same as everyone else, it’s not good now. Everybody has the right to express it the way they want to. Look at all the posts and you will see all of us are expressing dissatisfaction. Some just look for the opportunity to pounce & most of their posts are on the negative side anyway.
Obviously we need a change, whether it’s the coach, the players, the system, the culture or whatever. But rest assured if the right change isn’t made or takes to long to show progress we will surely hear about it from the same negative nelly’s.

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Nothing has been removed in this thread.

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How many scholarships do we have available for basketball next year?

Not enough for wholesale change. They have signed Justice Hill. He is on campus practicing with the team. They should be able to sign 2 or 3 more. Look at the recruiting board and you can find Dudley and Richards thoughts. They keep up with that. They also won’t blow smoke or say something that isn’t true

They had zero going into the season.

Now they have one with Jordan Phillips transferring to UT-Arlington.

Gafford is likely to leave - so that would be two.

Khalil Garland may be put on medical hardship - that would be three.

If they sign four, someone would have to leave on their own or ushered out the door.

Thanks Dudley.