How bad did that hurt?

Man. Stupid Cajun Voodoo Possum Curse!

I am not saying it will happen, and I know I will get accused of over reacting, but this is the kind of melt down than can send a team into a long long tailspin.

This one hurts.

I seriously don’t see this sending the “team into a long, long tailspin.”

The thing to remember is that didn’t happen against just any team. LSU is a great program. I’d feel different if it happened against, say, Georgia next week. I don’t see it hurting Arkansas longterm.

Hope you are right.

Sometimes a game like that can toughen things long term. But the key is to get fixed the thing that broke. I don’t worry so much about Jax Biggers at shortstop. I think he’s very good. I do think the bullpen is more of a concern. Cannon Chadwick must improve. I believe he’ll be a little better next time. One thing I’ve felt all along, he needs more of a mix. He can’t just throw curve ball after curve ball. He has to mix in some sliders or fast balls. The wildness comes when he tries to put too much bite on the curve to get it past a hitter that is content on just fouling off a pitch to work a walk or wait for a mistake. He’s had too many hit batsman and wild pitches. That’s a sign of trying to do too much with the curve. The coaches know it and will work to get that corrected. So to avoid something like this, one of two things have to happen, Cannon Chadwick has to improve, or someone else has to be inserted to close, possibly Jake Reindl or Barrett Loseke. Kevin Kopps may move out of such a key role as he faced Saturday night. That might not be him next time they are looking for the setup spot in a key victory. That’s the concerns and the way to avoid another collapse.

Isn’t Chadwick primarily a Slider thrower?

I believe–and this may be obvious so forgive me–this is where we are seeing the depth issues resulting from the spate of preseason pitching injuries.

When 3 key contributors–including an ace–go down, any college team in America is likely to feel an impact.

Knight and Stephans have been huge. But, I wonder if the latter would be filling a key bullpen role right now but for us losing 3 key members of the staff in preseason.