How are you spending your time on July 4th?

First I want to thank all the veterans both past and those on present duty for their service to our Country. I have fixed BBQ for the whole neighborhood here where I live with my BBQ pit out here on the rural route. A lot of ribs,chicken, brisket, pork butts. The first stuff came off the pit yesterday at 6PM and a lot came off last night, some real early this morning and the last about 30 minutes ago at 1PM on the 4th. I did not get much sleep last night, as I was up taking off or putting meat at 1AM and again at 4AM. They just kept coming over during the day yesterday with there choice of meat for Fuzz to smoke for them. This morning I had 2 guys come over from Tyler and Longview and we shot rifles on my private 500 yard gun range here on my farm. I also fixed them a brisket and pork butt to go home with them. Tonight the family is going to watch the fireworks show at very nearby Jefferson Texas. I might get in the pie eating contest at 6PM. Its a nice day around here about 85, but humid right now. If you never have been to see the fireworks show in Jefferson it is really nice with the real good stuff that goes about 500 feet up in the air, before it pops off. I like it that they dont charge any fee to see it, I like “free” you just cant beat it you know. Happy 4th everybody. Tell us what all you have done and plan to do tonight for your 4th. Fuzz

Fuzz…you sound like a good neighbor. Hope all appreciate your cooking skills. My plan for the 4th is to survive this 5th…

What kind of 5th is it? Dr Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey? Back when I still drank, I liked both. I had to quit it in 1982. Have not had a drop since then.

At 70 years of age, I do not relish fireworks in my life - - but my appreciation for my personal liberty and my reliance upon Divine Providence have never been greater. I have been richly blessed. God bless America - and God bless one and all.

It’s just the wife and me:

round of golf this morning;
Netflix movie (The Revenant);
blended up a batch of frozen margaritas out by the pool;
just about to grill out some tri-tip for dinner;
then off the the JetHawks game (Advanced A team of the Houston Astros), followed by the fireworks show (they park 4 trailers worth out in center field and fire them off to choreographed music).

Five years ago we took a family vacation to NYC and by happenstance, we were there on the 4th. So we and 2 million of our closest friends walked down to the Hudson River and watched a spectacular fireworks show. At that point we decided that we should try to hit the 4th in all the patriotic locations. Two years ago we went to Boston and saw the show, but it was on July 3 because rain was forecast for the 4th. We got soaked when the rain came as we were walking across Boston common on our way back to our hotel after the show on the 3rd. As I write this, I’m sitting in the shadow of the Washington Monument, looking across the National Mall toward the Lincoln Memorial, waiting for the DC show. It was rained all day, but just stopped. Should be an epic show.

Kind of hard to top that. :!:

We grilled some beef tenderloin steaks and had some baked tators, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

I’m happy and blessed to have been born in this country. The best!

Amen on the last part.

Spent sat and Sun on our farm in Green county KY

Fixing tractor sheds and fixing a flat on the Allis Chambers 180

Turn up and changing all the fluids in the 1947 Ford N8

Working to save and recuperate 14 Heritage Apple Trees (over a Century old)


Calling the Hogs inhaling the Little Baron River in Central KY

Back at Louisville - wishing I was back on the farm