How are we supposed to play?

Everything we do is a foul. No telling how many times Minnesota has gone over our back or hooked us to go around one of our defenders. All that is ok, I guess. Another rough start. Curry looks good…should have been a Hog.

I hope the choice wasn’t Bailey or Curry… doesn’t look we got the better end of that so far.

Nope. Curry was a Monk-a-like, didn’t want to be a Hog. I’m sure he’s not regretting his choice right now.


It certainly does not account for a 17 point deficit but the refs are have two different standards of fouls. At least 4 fouls on the Hogs were phantom calls. They have to get more aggressive going to the basket and move the ball.

These kids are lost. Feel bad for them & us fans. Poor spacing on offense. Poor to no rotations on defense. They need to be coached up.

We’ve been outplayed. But Minny started their run when we got the 3-4 offensive fouls in a row off the ball.

The fouls are 13-7. It’s life on the road, but it gets old.

That said we have to toughen up and make some shots and close out on defense.

Thomas clanging several wild shots and picking up 3 quick fouls also hurt.

He actually liked the Hogs a lot and then poof, one day he was a Gopher.