How are the summer throwing sessions going

Heard that Kelley Storey and Noland are about equal but the WR’s rave about Noland which I am not surprised said his ball placement is excellent and doesn’t look anything like a freshman physically.I have been a huge fan of his and eventually he will win the job IMO offense is perfect for him and he can make any throw you ask him to and I know all about the learning curve for Freshman but you have have his kind of talent its just a matter of time.

Having talked to the guy who will make that ultimate decision, he gets a sparkle in his eye when he mentions what Connor could be in the future.

But he - and Connor - both know that going to him too soon would set him back like it did Brandon, when he was thrown to the fire against Alabama.

So while there is plenty to be excited about in the future with Kelly, Storey, Hyatt, John Stephen Jones and KJ Jefferson - it will he about the process, not baptism with the youngest ones.

Oh no doubt their will be a time of transition to the SEC for sure why I said eventually he would be it however long that is will be determined when they get out there and start practicing. I love addingJefferson to the mix I think the QB Position will soon be a great asset to the team

My money is on Noland. When you have two upper class man that can’t separate themselves, the more talented freshman will probably bite you in the butt.

After a couple of games, Mitch started and won what, seven games in a row, including beating Bama.

There is historical precedent for turning it over to a Freshman at some point in the season.

Bama’s freshman wasn’t needed until the NC game. He did come in and win it.

Put the upperclassmen on a short lease, see if they can get the job done. If not, give the freshman a shot.

One of Coach Broyles’ best friends once said “If he bites you as a dog, he will bite you as a pup.”

Mitch also had three life preservers to hand off to – DMac, Felix and Hillis.

Noland has none of the above, and a shaky OL, and a team just learning a new offense.

If I remember correctly, the exact Quote was from Broyles’ friend Darrell Royal who said: " If a dog’s gonna bite, he’ll bite as a pup."
Always thought it was a clever bit of insight into the nature of things. Don’t know were Darrell R. got it.

The key for Mitch starting was that Casey Dick was injured. Casey would have been the starter had he been healthy. When Casey was healthy, he was the better option. Mitch did what many freshmen do, he threw it to the wrong team. Freshmen QBs just don’t recognize all the disguised secondary schemes. College teams show you something just to trick you. Doesn’t happen much in high school. Connor may win the job, but it won’t be easy.

Any chance Ben Hicks wins it?


SMU’s starting QB… I read that he graduates in July!

Well, it is nice to have a real quarterback competition. How many years has it been since the job was really up for the taking? Years.