How are bowl practices going?

CSP was on the news in LR right before Christmas, talking about young players and the team’s bowl prep, he discussed the QB battle next spring, etc. I think he mentioned that everyone is back to play, except the players who were out for the year. I think he meant that Morgan and Jefferson were practicing.

Have any of you guys been to practice? interviewed any coaches? I’d love to hear how the young guys are practicing, especially our 3 frosh OL.


Coach Pittman is having a press conference right now and also a pair of offensive and pair of defensive players.

We are asking them a bunch of questions and will report back.

No one has been allowed to go to practice and no one allowed to be around the players and coaches.

We have done all interviews via zoom.

They left campus last week for the holidays and are back from practice today.

They leave for Houston on Tuesday afternoon.

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Has he ever said why the coordinators are not made available to the press?

No, he has not to my knowledge.

I could be wrong but I think he’s said something along the lines that he takes the interviews for all the pressure and second guessing so the coordinators don’t have to take any blame. It all lies at the feet of the head coach so he’ll answer the questions. Think he’s said something like that.

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