How about this

Hogs beat Georgia!

Ole Miss beats Bama.

Hogs beat Ole Miss!!

Hogs rated #1

Anyone else have this scenario bouncing around
In their head?

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Not gonna happen. Unless Oregon and Penn State and Iowa and Oklahoma and Cincinnati also lose. We might jump over two or three of those but not all five.

One game at a time!

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If Hogs beat Georgia (could happen) and Ole Miss beats Alabama (not ‘gonna happen), then we will at least be getting #1 votes this Sunday.

Play Georgia and we will see what happens. Win and move up some take a loss (close ) and drop some or take a wood shed whipping and drop like a rock.
By 2 pm central time we will know.
I’m praying for a good game and both teams avoid injury.


Not so sure about that

Beat them both and I would not count it out

But we are WAY ahead of ourselves to even think that

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Agree. If we can beat UGA, I won’t care what happens in the polls. We will move up and start hearing our name in the CFP discussion. But that’s getting way ahead of ourselves.

Not worried about nobody but the Hogs,us beating Georgia will be tough enough without expecting the other miracles to happen.

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Along with some sugarplums :grinning:

I like the idea and it could be closer to reality if we pull the upset this weekend. Please be sure to repost it if we do.

If we beat Georgia I will dance a jig in my living room. If we lose to Georgia I will do 20 pushups.

Things like this are at least fun to think about and for it to at least be possible. for it just to be possible is a big, big, big advancement over where we were. I consider this a free shot. Nothing to lose. Playing with house money

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OK, what if we win the NC??

How long has it been to feel this good??


If we leave Tuscaloosa at 11-0 we’ll definitely be #1.

Iowa, whose offense had been barely good enough so far, put a big hurt on previously unbeaten Maryland tonight on the road. I don’t think we’ll be jumping them unless we put a similar hurt on Jawja.

It’s bad enough that I’ve got my outdoor speakers checked out to play a specific Mac Davis song for my neighbors about 3:30 PM eastern on Saturday, so that’s as far as I’m leaning into it…

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When we beat Georgia and if Ole Miss beats Bama, then we beat Ole Miss… we will be ranked #1.

Want to see it, either way

I watched the 1st qtr of that game, Maryland was playing them pretty good, then tried to get to aggressive and it backfired

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