How about this lineup?

Menifield 6’1"
Battle 6’5"
Holland 6’8"
Brazile 6’9"
Nelson 6’11"

Or Blocker in place of Menifield.

And to that end:


Pretty salty lineup.

I’ll miss Walsh. He kind of reminds of Phil Jackson when he played for the Knicks, long arms, powerful shoulders and attitude. You need those guys or are willing to do the gut work without the glory.

That is not a far-fetched or crazy idea at all… has a better than average chance of coming true. Ellis may be in that starting lineup as well instead of Menifield… Tremendous options at PG

Most teams use three guard lineups now. While this lineup may dominate rebounding, don’t believe it matches well with that.

Personally, I don’t see Muss going without a three guard lineup. That has been his MO.

BTW, we are full right now. So if this happens, does that mean Devo and Walsh won’t be back. I am hearing Devo is not happy with the feedback he has received and will be back.

That’s what I’m hearing too. And if he does return, I think he starts, and I have no idea who would go to the bench. TB and Holland pretty much play the same position, I think. Unless you turn Holland into a 6-8 guard.

Devo comes back I think we will be losing one of these transfers.


Holland has said he wants to play the 3. I don’t believe he’ll go anywhere that hasn’t promised him at least a shot at starting at the 3. He’ll be playing the 3 in the NBA if he arrives with an improved 3 point shot and handle.

I think Holland plays the 3 and TB plays the 4. Devo the 2 and take your pick at PG. Grant the 5 if he comes, Makhi or we go smaller if he doesn’t. Walsh as 6th man.

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You could be right. It might be Mark. One of those are going to start because of defense. If Devo doesn’t come back I believe Mark is a definite starter. Muss isn’t going to have a starting lineup that doesn’t have a lock down defender at the 1, 2 or 3 spot.

We fans (me included) seem to look to the offense to pick our starters and high minute players. That’s not Muss. You don’t play at least very good defense, you’ll not start, and probably won’t see many minutes.


Bake , care to elaborate :man_shrugging:t3:

All those guys are not coming over here to sit… If DeVo comes back he’s not coming back to not play a whole lot.

I’ll be beyond shocked if El Ellis doesn’t start. We need his experience. Now, if Devo comes back, this whole formula changes. May lose someone. Who is to say.

Yeah I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t start too.