How about the Bills?

We won most of the stats!! What’s your thoughts now? The QUESTION is have you changed your thoughts about the A&M game? I have calmed down somewhat, and you? I was thinking about skipping the Tide game. I have had my heart broke a lot since the 1969 game. I just can’t count how many times?? What about you? Have you calmed down? We are 1/3 of the season gone. So this lead me the Bills coach going nuts over a loss, about like hours. Heart breaking…

The Bills lost, stats here…
First Downs 31-15 in favor of Buffalo
Total Plays 90-39 in favor of Buffalo
Total Yards 497-212 in favor of Buffalo
Time of Possession 40:40 - 19:20 in favor of Buffalo

BTW Google that Bills coach that went ballistic. Never mind here it is

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I think Dorsey’s reaction was due to the receiver who did not get out of bounds. Time ran out as the Bills were trying to spike the ball to set up a game-ending field goal.

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