How about some calm?

Everybody on here is flying all over the place about things nobody knows.

I feel reasonably sure that “the master plan” was not based on an assumption of an Auburn loss.

Why don’t we all take a deep breath and just let it play out?


Who really cares about Auburn. I sure don’t.

I’ll make a deal with you. If you’ll be calm about hoops, I’ll be calm about football. I’ve already talked myself into the pros of Dowell Loggains or Jeff Tedford.

I agree with you that our master plan didn’t depend upon an Auburn loss. What worries me is there doesn’t appear to be a master plan at all. I question the BOT’s decision to fire Long & then to fire CBB without an AD in place. This would be risky thing to do last year when national signing day was in February. Now with this early signing period, I’m concerned we won’t have anyone soon enough to salvage the class.

I have no doubt we can hire an AD & no doubt we can hire a coach. However, I’m very worried that we can hire really good ones within a month. Perhaps the BOT has a solid plan in place. Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised. But this all has the look of “let’s form a search committee and hope we hire the next Vince Lombardi before early December.”

Want to see something scary? Of the coaches getting the most talk on this board, only one isn’t coaching next week. He’s currently losing 34-0 in the Apple Cup. If we want a new coach prior to early signing period, we may get stuck with the one that’s available.

If the “master plan” was a deal with Gus, it most certainly assumed losses to Bama and probably Georgia.

I’ll say it again – the only thing that comes out of all this Gus talk is he will get a raise and bigger buyout at Auburn – thanks to all the interest and pursuit by Arkansas – and his impressive win over Bama today.

But no worries – Hogs will get a great coach, just not Gus. The next coach may not excite everyone, and there will be some whining – but I think whoever he is will have a great season next year.

Here, here! Too much random speculation on here with angst towards each other, and not enough credible info. As the man said, let it play out. We all want the same thing.