How about GasHog?

We would get our slobbering hog back and lead the nation in dunks!

$4M will bring him into play.


I’m interested and available. I would leave no stone unturned in recruiting, from the Caribbean to the Pacific, from Europe to South Africa. I’m on it.

I’m open to being your bag man Gas…

Of course you mean my aggressive and creative tech savvy recruiting coordinator.

This hire could leave us more money to buy some players. Coaching is jimmy and joes right.

Sometimes it’s all about how you them, and what they are allowed to execute.

I need a handler, handler. Someone to handle everything involving handlers. A handler coordinator.

I know the UA has jets, but do the have a fully crewed 160 foot yacht? I’ll need that. Strictly for travel visiting recruits.

I will let the BOT know but we would only be willing to pay an up and comer like yourself [size=85]1/4[/size] Mil…plus incentives of course.

This assures multiple “strong ass offers” will be available. :sunglasses:

That is me. I can deliver. :wink:

I’m sure the 1/4m is negotiable, the main thing is the yacht, recruits in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, and Pacific and south FL and Gulf areas, even the northwest coast relate better knowing you traveled by yacht to see them.

If it was purchased as ‘coaches housing’ it would give a whole new meaning to ‘backyard BBQ’s at the coaches house’ .

At first I thought Gas might be a little long in the tooth for the job. He ain’t that much younger than short haired Sampson. After hearing his ideas about recruiting however, I’m warming to the idea. More crutin and less coachin has worked before. See Lewis, Guy. Early-80’s.