How about Desi Sills

Desi isn’t left wide open to shoot the ball. It’s even better when Harris and Gabe both are out of the game. Harris is a good player his 3 point shot is just poor at this point. Desi still gets a little wild finishing at the rim. He will improve. Harris does have decent numbers on the mid range va the 3!
The most effective offense from scoring threats
The 3 guards can make the 3. The two bigs don’t take 3’s and know where to take shots and both can finish at the rim.
The numbers may not support it but that just my opinion.
Harris is a better defender in my opinion than Jones!

I think the reason Jalen and Desi have shared the floor quite a bit over the last 5 games (143 offensive possessions) is because Desi can alleviate some of the ballhandling and playmaking pressure off of Jalen. Without another point guard-type out there he can have a tendency to do too much and that leads to playing out of his element.

Also, the offense runs pretty efficiently with them both out there (1.17 PPP last 5). Turnover rate is right around 15 percent, too, which is good. Mike talked about wanting to cut down turnovers and those two are pretty reliable in that sense.

I agree with bakedhog of Jalen’s defense. He’s better than he’s credited for, I think. He’s not prone to some boneheaded fouls and gambles, but he’s fine. His speed and quickness can be a big positive defensively, like we saw at the end of the Ole Miss game.

On not starting Mason and Desi together, I think we’ve seen throughout the year that Mason can struggle with the mental side of the game at times. He even said it himself last week. He puts pressure on himself to go score and produce, and I’m of the belief that him coming off the bench allows him to view what’s taking place the first few minutes, settle in and see where he can contribute best. I just see him moving more freely offensively, and that’s the key principle in Mike’s offense.

Army, here is my issue with those five. If (IF) you start them, what happens when they need a break? You’re second group would be Harris, KES, Jones/Joe, Bailey, and Gabe.

I don’t like bashing players on here, but when it comes to those five: KES is a good, but inconsistent player. Putting the other teams best defender on him, neutralizes him, even if he’s on. Joe/Jones are both good players, ones a player that can score (notice I didn’t say scorer who could play), and the other is a shooter trying to become a scorer. Doubling either neutralizes them. Then your two post players would be Gabe and Adrio, both undersized for the positions they’d be asked to play and you have only one, Adrio, that can step out and hit shots. Putting a big guy on him neutralizes him, and the opposing C, neutralizes Gabe. That means they guy you need to score is Harris. You said Harris shouldn’t shoot unless it was late in the shot clock. Congrats, you’ve now gave us a recipe for how to lose games.

The way CMA is currently playing them: Harris, Desi, Joe, Gabe, and Gafford, gives you a PG, who does everything but shoot. You have a guy in Desi who is slowly becoming a player and starting to score. Joe, I’ve already mentioned. Then you have Gabe, who while too small for C is a good size for PF. He does a lot of things that don’t get noticed because of his shooting, then you have Gafford. Now the difference is when the second team comes in, if you’ve been watching KES comes in for Harris. KES, even though inconsistent has to be guarded. Jones comes in for Desi. This leaves Joe on the court, and the defense can no longer double either. Then you have Bailey (even though still undersized) can step out and hit midrange shots. That draws the other teams 4 out allowing Chaney to play 1 on 1 underneath. Chaney has to be accounted for. So, that allows the team to score with starters or 2nd teams. Changing it to the way that has been suggested actually neutralizes our second team and would cause us to lose.

One last thing from me on Desi and his play the last 5 games:

He’s shooting the ball very, very well from 3. In his five starts he’s 11-of-17 from deep and, according to my shot charts, 8-of-12 from 3 on the left side of the floor. However, he needs to finish and/or draw a foul when attacking the rim. He’s 5-of-15 in the lane in that span and 0-of-3 at the rim going right.