How about Desi Sills

With all the Gafford, Joe, and NIT/NCAA talk what Desi has been doing has gotten overlooked. He was one of the guys I use to cringe when he checked into the game, but he’s been one of the biggest bright spots lately, he earned a starting spot, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to be giving it up anytime soon.

Last 6 games he’s averaged 9.7 PPG, shooting 55.5% from 3, all while being our best on ball defender.

He’s got a bright future ahead, and he’s a winner. Gotta give props to RD, he was saying even before Desi signed that said he was going to be a really good and how hard he plays. The way he’s coming along reminds me of Qualls freshman season, where he showed flashes, then all of a sudden put it together by end of freshman year, then just skyrocketed sophomore year and after that.

I’ve written about Desi 2-3 times since he jumped in the starting lineup and was pushing for him to start once we realized Adrio Bailey was really slumping in December. I wish Mike would play 4 guards more. What he’s done lately certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed, not by anyone on this site.

Desi’s a ballplayer. He can defend, he is tough and hard-nosed, and has skills. His shot looked good yesterday. He really had nice rotation on a couple of those 3’s. He’s got some good hops, not Brandon Dean good, but he can get up in the air.

He really showed me something when in Baton Rouge at LSU he got the ball stolen, ran the length of the floor and skied up to try and block the layup. He brings the passion and fire.

I was talking about from the fans, like on twitter, facebook, message board posts, etc. Most of the talk has been on Joe and Gafford.

My bad, I didn’t mean to make the post come off like I was criticizing you or the staff here for not covering him, that wasn’t my intent at all.

Oh for sure, I’m with you. I wasn’t trying to come off as aggressive either :lol:

Genius like move inserting him into the lineup. I had called for it but would’ve rather seen Harris come off of the bench. Either way, Sills is the type of player that needs minutes and to get into the groove. His IQ is seen all over the floor.

He will continue to grow and play smarter.

Figured we didn’t see Mase as much yesterday because Bama has athletes and speed at every position. Still came up clutch a few times.

Isaiah had 6 boards and 6 steals. We might see his name in the first round next year if he adds 10-15 lbs and a dribble drive game.

Future is bright with these youngin’s.

:slight_smile: no worries I didn’t take it like that.

easily the most improved player on the team, has developed a nice 3 pt stroke! also good to see Joe go inside and get that slam! he needs to work hard on that for next yr.

Desi will impact the game if he gets a chance! I would like to see Desi, Jones, Joe, Gafford, and Harris. Chaney needs more PT! Desi will rebound! He has always been able to score and he won’t just jack up shots either. He does at time get out of control going to the basket and fails to finish. Emery Simpson can shoot too. He just doesn’t get enough reps.
We will see Thursday how CMA uses what he has available to try to advance.
This young group will be hard to beat next year.

Desi now knows.

Dont sleep on Jalen Harris ,when his jump shot develops and I have no doubts that it won’t he will be a “hard”guard for any defender.Once Chaney develops the 15 shot around the horn it will open up the lane ,with Gafford not clogging things up because kids haven’t learned how to pass it it in to a Big,it’s unfortunate no one plays that style anymore.I can see this team developing into a true motion offensive team.It seems all you need bigs for in today’s game is rebounding,defense and put backs.

That is really Jalen’s only weakness…his shooting. If he can improve his shooting, he will be an outstanding point guard. He has quickness, speed and the ball handling skill. He is a good passer and sees the floor. He needs to get with an excellent shooting coach to see what his problems are.

Jalen has been focus of my watching for the last three games. I was ready to say that next year the PG duties should go to Justice. I have cone around on that. More I watch him, more it is obvious that his assets far far outweigh poor shooting. He is beginning find his groove. Watch out. He is going to be a good one.

I believe they will work on his release on the three pointers during the offseason. It is hard to do that during the season.

I hope you are right, but I still cannot make myself believe it. Harris will be in what actually should be his Sr. year of college ball. He has had a complete red-shirt year to work on his 3-point shot as well as 3 off-seasons. How many times have you seen a player who couldn’t shoot a lick in his 3rd year, come back in his 4th year and become a good shooter?

I agree completely, that if he could make just 1/3rd of his 3 point shots, he would be a great PG for us. Just think how far though, 12% is from 33%. If he were a freshman, I could certainly see that happen over a 2 year period. I really, really, hope I am wrong, because that would make next year’s team so much better.

I believe the odds of Justice, or another PG signing late this spring, are better for finding that PG that can make one-third of his 3 point shots, than hoping Harris can do it.

We have a freshman PG that is making more than 1/3rd of his 3 point shots now. I think, that the odds would be better that he could improve his handle and passing skills this off season and take over as the starting PG, than hoping Harris improves his shooting by nearly 300%. Harris could be a really good back-up PG without the ability to make 1/3rd of his 3s.

You could be right, although I cringe at the thought of a combo guard being our PG again. It is more than the handle. It is court vision, PG instincts to make the right decision. We kept hoping that Beard would learn that for 3 years, but it never really happened.

One thing for sure. If he can’t shoot 3s at 33%, we need a different solution.

Jalen Harris is a pass-first point guard. Nothing wrong with that. He gets the ball to the people who can score, doesn’t turn it over, plays good D. You’d like to have a little better outside shooting, but if the replacement PG hits 35% from three but has an assist/turnover ratio of barely over 1:1, I don’t like that trade.

I liked Desi before he played a minute here. He is a DOG and its easy to see!! One of my favs and when he is shooting well its hard to sit him down.

In this day and age of the three pointer a point guard who cant score is a hindrance. Jalen gets assists because he has to.

I have two questions for the experts.

1 Is Jalen a good defender?

2 Why not start Sills at point and Jones as the other guard?

  1. Yes, better than most give him credit for.

  2. Because you would lose any scoring threat off the bench (Jones) and Harris (though he’s not a good shooter) is better than Desi as a PG. Harris is also the floor general. If you watch, even when he’s on the bench he’s directing traffic. Benching him could be negative towards his leadership. Desi is still a freshmen and may not be ready to lead, yet

On #2, in our next game, pay special attention to (1) how our offense looks when Jalen is not on the floor and Desi is running the point and (2) how the opponent defends us in the backcourt when Desi is running the point. Do they press and trap or not.

You will get your answer.