How about Charlie Strong as our DC next year?

Could that be an option? :?:

I think he has his opportunities at a high quality HC job.

I think it will

Love it. Mentioned it to some friends after OU/TX game.

If Coach Strong is interested in a coordinator position then we not him may be a option.

Rhoads may be given a trial run but if Charlie Patridge becomes available you quickly pounce on that opportunity also.

He would immediately be thr best recruiter on staff.

Uhhh…his defense is almost as big a dumpster fire as this one.

No thanks

You’re joking, right? IF you could get him to take a DC job, think you’d hire him in a heartbeat. But I wouldn’t think he’d take it.

No I’m not … Texas tackles horribly and plays with little passion/effort on defense. Charlie has the pick of the litter in Texas and the product they put on the field - especially defensively - is very poor.

Respect your opinion, but agree to disagree. CS would be an absolute HR hire … recruiting, scheme, etc. …, but it all hypothetical, cause he ain’t taking a DC job.

What makes you say that? It took him 25 years to get a HC job. He was good but not great at Louisville.

And now, he’s about to have 3 consecutive losing seasons at Texas.

He will also be paid a lot of money to not coach next year.

I doubt he’s coaching anywhere next year, much less as a major college HC.

Nonetheless, he and CBB don’t quite get along. Even if he takes a job next year, I seriously doubt it would be here.