How about a "WHAT IF" question?

First let me posit that I do not believe it is possible to do what I’m about to suggest in a 3 year span with a single soul in existance, but it was put to me so I’ll bring it here to weigh the responses compared to the one I gave.

FOR HYPOTHETICAL PURPOSES: Suppose I told you that there is a certain coach we could hire and that we would be in the talk during the 11th week of the season on his 3rd year for a berth in the playoff. Then I told you his name would be Gus Malzhan. Keep in mind, in this hypothetical scenario, this is a given fact, this portion is not debatable. I’m not saying it will happen, but for this premise, we will believe it will.

Would you still hold with your current stance that you want nothing to do with him as coach of the Razorbacks? Would you decided if that’s the case then bring him on and I’ll accept him? Or would
you still dig in your heels and say there is too much bad blood, I don’t care and don’t want him?

Winning big heals all wounds! Sign him up. Will the NCAA take these wins away in a couple years? What the heck, who cares. Bring him on.

Who wouldn’t want a program turnaround by year 3? If that would happen, no one would care who the coach was. It could be Jack Crowe, Houston Nutt, Hugh Freeze, or even Gus. We just want to win…we could learn to love any of these characters. It might not be love at first sight, but love eventually.

I’ll pass.

It is not a hypothetical question, it is a fantasy question. My thumb is down.

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Hard pass.

Two coaching hires would cause me to jump off the bandwagon- Gus and Freeze.

I’ll support any other prospective coach that has been mentioned.

Whoever is hired is not going to get everybody’s approval and support. A landslide winner of an election gets around 60% of the vote. That means almost half the people still don’t want the guy. I am going to support the new coach, whoever the guy is. Most of you guys will do the same.

We are Razorback fans. You guys aren’t quitting being Hog fans over who the coach is. If you did, you would have quit a long time back, given the succession of bad hires we have made. The Laws of Probability suggest we are going to get a great hire, based upon the previous string of screw ups we have endured in the past 25 years.

Just NO on GUS!

I am in the “Never Gus” crowd!

Hypothetically I would barf and wonder why anyone would ever want to consider someone who starts the job off with a complete division of the fan base.

Hypothetically speaking, I can’t, for the life of me, understand why some people just can’t seem to get that through their head.

LOL… Thank you for many of you illustrating the very point I was making to my friend. If I was told we’d be a championship contender in 3 years, I’d jump all over it even if Satan was the coach. It would mean the program was healthy again. It would be great for the program. But I warned him too many people were so butt-hurt by Gus that they would refuse even knowing (by the premise) that it would be great for the program. Too many people are willing to put their own ego and emotional baggage above what might be good for the program. That is really sad.

If you would refuse any coach under the premise outlined originally, then you are part of the problem as you think its more about you and your ego than the program. No other way to spin that refusal.

No, the problem with your assumption is it is only 1 choice and that’s Gus and your hypothesis doesn’t take into consideration what happens in year 4? or 5? When said Gus decides he wants to go somewhere else for more money.

I am positive enough to think that Arkansas can get to a very high level, maybe not in year 3, but maybe 4 or 5, with a coach that isn’t divisive, arrogant, and underachieves with his recruiting. It’s not about me at all. It’s about the kids. And if you think Gus puts them above himself you are completely wrong. The thing about it for me is that the past 3-4 years have made me so apathetic about our football program that if they did hire Gus I could completely walk away while he was coach. No one would miss me. No one would care. But I would just cheer for all of our other programs and find an NFL team to watch. (I’m not an NFL fan now just because I don’t have the time to do football on Saturday’s and Sunday’s).


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Why pull up short(like our players did shy of a couple of first downs against LSU), why not bring home our second National Championship. Unfortunately,1964 was a long time ago. I mean, hypothetically speaking why not go undefeated 15-0? NO GUS.