How about a rematch with UCLA in the National Champ game

How cool would that be! I just noticed that is still a possibility. Not likely, but UCLA beats Bama and then Mich. Tuesday, they would be in the final four. We beat Baylor and then we also are in the final four. Then UCLA would have to beat Gonzaga probably (I said not likely), and we would have to beat the winner of Houston/ OR St. That would give us the rematch and our revenge for 1995!

Yes, please let that happen!

I would personally like to beat Bama in the NC game…for lots of reasons. This is just my wish if we are fortunate enough to play in that game.

I would like to beat the #1 unbeaten team! Yeah I’m reaching!! Go big or go home! Lol

One more game. Win this next game and Fayetteville will explode.

I would like to knw who has brought the most fans since the round of 32. Elite 8 should be lots of red I’d imagine.

Well, UCLA did their part to keep that rematch a slim possibility. Or maybe I should say Bama did their part to keep our rematch alive by missing 14 of 25 free throws. Now we need to do our part and beat Baylor tomorrow.

There’s still a chance at revenge for 1995.

The team I want to beat is the next one on the schedule…

Of course. If you don’t do that, you sure as heck won’t see the National Championship game. That’s why I posted that we need to do our part now and beat Baylor tomorrow night.

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