Do I understand that the hover feature only applies to the very first topic title in the thread, whereas in the classic view you could hover over each thread response and view the first portion of that response?

Hover feature isn’t worth much when there might be several replies to the topic if it only shows the first portion of the original post. Why are folks thrilled with that?

Well that would tie into the need for thread view which I think is in the works, at least I know it has been mentioned.

My issue with the hover feature is the pesky popup that covers half of the text.

Thread view has been mentioned as next to impossible so it does not seem likely even though it is important to me. I think it should be an option from our settings for the board.

The way Clay explained it was that thread view was a possibility, but he have to remove some mobile features that he’s long desired.

To me it’s a trade-off of what’s desired by whom. I would vote for thread view over mobile features. I have no idea how others might vote, but I know there is a HUGE contingent that favors thread view. If push were to come to shove, which way would it go?

Would a vote enhance that decision?

Thread view for me.

Yep I like the thread view as well.
But I’m a little flexible to.

Thread view, please!

Clay/ Matt please make thread view an option. Those that prefer if can choose it and those that want the better mobile features could choose topic view.

Thread, please. :smiley:

Really want thread view. May not stick around without it.