Houston reporter on Sampson

I didn’t say D1 coach. I said coach, but since you want to play that game let’s compare to prior to AR, since you think he’s an upgrade.

Sucky Sampson vs Mike

26 years vs 9 years

.655 win% vs .671

15 NCAAT trips (50%) vs 6 NCAAT trips (67%)

4 trips past first round (27%) vs 2 trips (22%)

4 Conference titles vs 2

4 losing seasons vs 0

4 COY vs 2

Again, where’s the upgrade?

First, 15 NCAA tournament appearances in 26 years is 57.6%. Second, Sampson has a Final Four appearance on his resume. Mike does not. Finally, your mind is made up. Nothing is going to change. If Sampson is hired the only way will know if it is an upgrade or not is in 5 or 6 years.

KS can coach. So can MA. Recruiting is a bit iffy. I’m not certain he’s an upgrade, but I’m not certain he’s not. As far as the NCAA sanctions, he’s served his time with the show-cause, which was a lot longer than Bruce Pearl’s. So I’ll give him a chance, if he is indeed the choice.

If you recall, I identified Sampson months ago as a strong possibility if HY decided to make a change, based on his familiarity with KS at UH. And that was before they were ranked, before he was in the Sweet 16 with 33 wins. So none of this surprises me. It doesn’t fill me with joy either, but it doesn’t surprise me.

As a side note, I knew KS grew up in North Carolina, but discovered yesterday that he’s from my neck of the woods, 30 miles of backroads away in the southeastern part of the state. He’s part of the Native American Lumbee tribe that is still in this area. The town where he grew up is approximately 90% Lumbee according to Wikipedia, and the local UNC branch developed as a school for Native Americans. I suspect John Chavis, who grew up not far away in South Carolina, may also be a Lumbee.

Not my dream choice but I like it.

Thought it was said somewhere, HY had a good younger coach in mind or ready to hire?
Well either way if KS has success or not, we may be doing this all over again in about 6-10 years (he will be in his 70’s), sooner if he resumes any old habits.

Edit :
Hey ya’ll no more bashing & accusing other SEC coaches & programs for hiring known cheaters until they are officially charged by FBI and NCAA sanctions applied. Because we will now come be mentioned in the same breath for now.
AR now has followed suit to keep up with the Jones of the SEC.

This is part of my issues, he is on record saying he wants his son to replace him when he retires, so that means we are hiring both Sampsons.

And yes other places were sayin that he was eyeing a younger coach, obviously that’s not true.

This is my whole issue. You see his career success above, it’s very similar to Mike, if you gave Mike 26 years, he’d probably mirror those results. Mike was fired because he wasn’t winning enough, and we needed an upgrade, the fact you can’t see if he’s a definite upgrade means that was a load of crap, and HY just wanted to get his buddy some money. That’s my whole issue, if it was anyone else, even an up and comer, I wouldn’t be so pissed, but Kelvin Sampson. A lot of people are gonna be very disappointed for the next decade.

No reason at all to be a Jack A about someone else’s opinion

LOL - he’s a “ Jack A” for responding aggressively to Baked’s post but you don’t call Baked a “ Jack A” for saying that anyone who supports the possible hire of Sampson is “ NOT an AR Fan” and saying the AD needs to be fired.


In 14 seasons at OU and IU went to NCAA 13 times.

Plenty of reason actually. He’s entitled to his own opinion, not his own facts.

If it’s him, it tell’s me all I need to know. I like the way he plays, system and style of basketball. I don’t think he will be here long though.

Why you say that Gas?

He wouldn’t have to be a Jack A if Bake wasn’t being a total Donkey. You can’t see that?

And seasons and titles were vacated

When I say that, I mean I don’t think he’ll be here at 70 years old. But he may, 5-6 years maybe. He’s got a pretty good gig going at Houston. I would be fine with the hire, if it’s him.

You’re right you have a reason to be a JackWagon, but I PUT FACTS. Trying to say well his time here shouldn’t count proves my point. To defend him you take out part of his resume. He IS NOT an upgrade. If it’s him and he fails, you and the others better not say a word, but if he succeeds I’ll eat my crow. I bet the board will finally get quiet

This is another issue I have he also wants his son to take over for him, so if he’s here 5-6 years and has similar results (which I’m positive is gonna happen) he retires and we get his son, another five years.

Nolan said he would support whoever they hire. so if they hire KS I guess Nolan is “NOT an AR FAN”?

I’m old enough to remember at time on this board when fans of the Hogs who didn’t think the coach was a good fit weren’t considered fans. If you didn’t support the coach then you were a problem.