Houston reporter on Sampson

Seems reports coming out of Houston is he’s expected to become our head coach. Surely he’d come out and deny it as he’s getting ready for a chance at the Elite 8


Saw that. Very disappointed

So you’d be “very disappointed” with Sampson and “not overly disappointed” with Beard? How about Coach K? Tom Izzo? Billy Donovan? Who would you be only “somewhat disappointed” with??

I’ve been against a Sampson hire for awhile. But he’s done his time. He’s not cheating as his current class has three guys all ranked in the 300s

This article kind of opened me up to it.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2 … 27e7bcec07”>https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/03/14/kelvin-sampson-outworked-his-shame/?utm_term=.0327e7bcec07</LINK_TEXT>

I posted records of the BIG THREE you guys have been gushing over for weeks. Sampson is not an upgrade. It’s a colossal mistake, anyone happy about this IS NOT an AR fan. FIRE HY NOW!!!

He can coach but he can’t recruit. The thing that bothers me is that i think it’s been in play for awhile and Mike new it. Like for the entire past year.

Wow…okie doke then. :roll:

I’m more concerned about Sampson’s age than I am his recruiting. From watching a few Cougar games, one thing I will say is…they crash the boards like I haven’t seen in a while. They just wear you down!

He can’t coach, if Mike can’t coach. HY is an idiot and needs to be fired with cause, NOW.

KS vs MA

30 years vs 17

.655 win% vs .649

15 NCAAT trips (50%) vs 9 NCAAT trips (53%)

4 trips past first round (27%) vs 2 (22%)

4 conference titles vs 2

2 COY vs 1

Known cheater vs not

5 losing seasons vs zero

Where is the upgrade? Ignorant. Fire HY NOW !!!

Anyone supporting this is NOT an AR FAN.

I feel you brother. I really do. I want someone that can win. I wish we wouldn’t have fired Mike but i want someone that can come in and give hope to the program. If it’s not Kelvin Sampson, so be it.

And I think you’re correct, this has been in the works for a year. Worst thing he wants his son to replace him when he retires, so we just got our next two coaches who probably aren’t any better than our last one. Just sad, sad day.

A national reporter talking about this yesterday said it’s normal for a new AD to get rid of all the existing coaches to hire his guys. Hope DVH doesn’t have a down year.


And so it begins…

I sure wouldn’t be happy with Izzo! He’s a scumbag that should rot in jail. There’s a special place for men who sweep rape and sexual assault under the table! And then let the players continue to play basketball.
That’s not much of a man or a coach!
Sampson wouldn’t be my first choice be HY will have to live with his decision whoever he decides to hire.
His NCAA issues were over phone calls and he didn’t lie about it. He owned up to what he and told the truth!
Whoever HY is going to hire needs to be in place pretty darn quick.
Just wondering is HY starting to put word out where his next job might be? If this don’t work he will need to start looking.

I think we have a puppet for an AD. He did what a few of the BOT members wanted to do.

Why is age a concern for people? There’s been no reported health concerns. He’s 63 years old, he wouldn’t even be close to one of the oldest coaches in college basketball.

Jim Boeheim, Coach K, Leonard Hamilton, Jim Larranga are all to coaches in their 70’s still coaching and coaching at a high level. Hamilton and Coach K both have a legit shot to win a championship in their 70’s. There’s definitely concerns about Sampson, but age shouldn’t be one of them.

His age wouldn’t be a concern if he had been here for a while. To be starting over with someone that age probably means we have him for 10 years tops. Assuming all goes well. Thatt doesn’t breeed continuity. Just my opinion.

Sampson may come here, and he may work out fine. But Arkansas is not going to hire his boy as the next coach after KS.

We have not hired an assistant without HC experience as the head guy in any major sport since Jack Crowe-and we all remember how well that worked out. If HY tried to promise that to Sampson or even implied it there would be immediate trouble. This is not a place where an assistant gets his first HC gig.

Just an incredible amount of stupid in this post. Those numbers are so incredibly misleading and without context.

What Sampson did in the 80’s at Montana Tech and Washington St has literally zero bearing on now. Montana Tech was an NAIA school for gods sake, no wonder he never made the tournament there. :roll:

Tell you what, since Mike has been a HC for 17 seasons, why don’t we look at Sampson’s last 17 seasons and compare? That would encompass his entire tenure at OU, IU, and Houston.

Now do the numbers…

Psst…here’s a secret for you. Kelvin Sampson is a better basketball coach than Mike Anderson. Probably not a better person but undoubtedly a better coach.

Sampson has forgotten more about basketball than many coaches will ever know.

He would be a great hire and fit.

I view Beard and Sampson as great gets if possible.

If they say no then you move to the lesser proven mid majors who are potentially riskier hires like a Heath or Pel.

This hire is so important you have to be sure you have someone battle tested and not take too much risk.

Sampson is a home run. As is Beard.

Come on baked, you are better than this. Sampson has been a Division 1 coach for 26 years!! You keep including his 4 years at Montana Tech to skew your numbers. You can’t make the NCAA Tournament when you are coaching at a NAIA school.

Mike Anderson Jr just tweeted that they been talking to Sampson.

Looks like the fix was in all year for CMA for Hunter to get his guy from Houston here. All that swapping assistants rumors and rumors of kids not liking the coach and planning a massive transferring was just smoke to get him out, so people could just say look he’s being stubborn and he’s losing a lot of players.

The bad thing about it though, I’m coming to terms on things and starting to just accept it. College sports is a dirty business and end of the day it’s about winning, CMA didn’t win enough this year plain and simple. CMA knows this and knows how it goes, he’s been around a long time. He messed up thinking that he would get a down year with a young team, he should have got some JUCOs and Grad Transfers last year and made a tournament run this year, not to give them any reason to get rid of him.

With that said, I’m going to try really hard to just leave all the politics and my personal feelings out of it, and just focus on watching and enjoying basketball. I’m not going to worry about CMA because honestly he’s going to be alright without Arkansas, he’ll have his choice of some jobs and hopefully get in a situation with an administration he can trust.