Houston pitcher commits to Arkansas

Matt: Why did he transfer to Arkansas or, more particularly, why did Arkansas allow him to transfer in? Because he is a LHP? Does Arkansas guarantee him a roster spot since he has agreed to transfer? Is he transferring as a walkon? This guy must have good potential if Arkansas is agreeing to take him. It is so hard to get to the field at Arkansas.

Doesn’t make much sense except he’s probably non-scholarship and LHP. Not much of a hitter these past two seasons and Houston transitioned him to mound. This doesn’t make much sense with all the roster logjams coming. There are a lot of HS seniors that may go to JUCO now or a new trend, postgrad academy baseball. This postgrad option is developing steam right now with some top HS picks if, and big if, the draft is only 5 rounds.

He will have to make the team in the fall and then prove himself in the spring to be a contributor.

He may be a better batter than a pitcher. Nearly a 300 average, switch hitting. That’s nice to have.

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