Houston Nutt, Cotton Bowl Hall of Famer

Houston Nutt was inducted into the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame in Arlington today. Bob Hot wrote on Nutt’s induction speech.

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Once upon a time…the Cotton Bowl was one of the major bowls along with the Orange, Sugar and, of course, the Rose Bowl. Those were the bowl games televised on New Year’s day. It was the best football day ever. The Rose is still my favorite. It has maintained a lot of its charm. The others have continued to decline in prestige, in my view. The College Football Playoffs and the ridiculous number of bowl games did the bowl system in.

My solution: Let 8 teams in the college football playoffs in each of those 4 bowls and play in from there. 4 games, 2 games…then 1 game. Maybe, this would eradicate some of those other bowl games…like cockroaches you can’t kill. Stomp 'em out.

There are so many bowl games because consumers watch them. If there wasn’t a market, TV networks - mainly ESPN - would not pay so much for that inventory. Remember that ESPN actually owns about 10 bowl games, including a couple affiliated with the SEC.

Consumers watch them because TV is so bad, nothing is worth watching. People will even watch a meaningless bowl game because there are 500 channels to watch and nothing to watch worth watching.

TV has gotten so pathetic, I’ll watch one of my heroes, Al Bundy, try to ward off the advances of Peg from 25 years ago in those re-runs.

I disagree that there is nothing to watch…this may be the golden era of television with the advent of streaming. HBO, Netflix, amazon, all are putting out great content. So much I can’t keep up with it all…

Couldn’t agree more…more good TV now than anytime in history. If you can’t find something to watch, you’re not really trying. It’s good timing too because this is probably the WORST era of movies.

Congratulations to Houston Nutt.

In retrospect, the HDN years were pretty good (much better than the 10 years before him and the 10 years after him).