Houston goes down!

Wow! To Temple…at home.
What a crazy season!
I have no idea how Bama isn’t #1?
And I would have K-State at #2.
TCU should be ranked a lot higher too.
Kansas has been looking shaky for weeks.
God, I love college hoops!


No houston buckets over the last 7 minutes. Great def, but somebody has to score.

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Wow indeed!! You got to be ready to play every game!

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Houston had multiple chances to win this one. Temple seemed to want it more with better discipline play.

Offense is going to be Houston’s downfall I believe. They are incredible defensively but they can go into droughts kind of like we can sometimes

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I wake up and read the headlines every morning and marvel at what takes place in sports and many times I think how did this happen. WPS

Yep but all sickness is not death, I firmly believe ours is curable after having four in double figures. WPS

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Our problem is consistency, we have to have 4-5 that consistently produce the same results night in and night out and we don’t come close to having that yet. But we still got a good bit of season to go we have the potential

I agree 100%, inconsistencies has wreaked havoc on our abilities to finish games or get off to good starts in games. I hope our last game that had four in double figures become the norm and I think there are real possibilities with our roster and with the guys starting to step up it could happen. With Pinion making threes it will free up some of the other guys to get to the rim and no longer be one dimensional on offense which was killing us. WPS

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