Houston game thread

Nah, for some reason our team has like 2 or 3 of these type of games a year where we come out like we don’t really wanna be there and don’t care. I have no idea why we do this. I’m calling it right now, after this game we’ll go on a winning streak and probably start conference play 9-2. Then our next head scratching game will be against someone like LSU on the road. That’s just how we roll for some reason.

Unfortunately, this looks familiar.

Performances like this are what I have been critical of in the past.
Non-existent half court offense.

But hey, Houston has just flat outplayed us.
I’ll just chalk this one up as an aberration.
Not going to go all negative
I know we are better than this.

This is the kind of beat down we gave UConn. Ridiculous.

I normally watch the whole game no matter what, but our guys don’t even wanna be there tonight they’re ready to go home. I’m calling it a night on this. We’ll bounce back Tuesday.

Well just went from bad to season killer?

Sampson took a page from North Carolina game. Stay in front of us, limit Macon and barford, slow the game down. We have little inside. Thompson isn’t playing down low offensively. That is the template.

I agree

I hate these occasional games where we just mail it in…gross

Blu nailed it earlier. About 2-3 of these per year and Mike just hangs out with his arms crossed. Switched it to the Clemson game…ugh

How bad is the injury, I turned it off, just saw Jimmy tweet it

This is a disgraceful performance by everyone!! I’m so tired of being outcoached by Kelvin Sampson!!

He’s alright, he’s back in the game.

That’s good. Did the shoulder pop out of place tho? Sure looked like he was nursing it on the bench pretty bad.