Houston game thread

Would be a very solid road win.

Bailey has been responsible for two turnovers and one bad shot.

Hope we wake up. Seems like We didnt bring the intensity

Look totally overmatch so far


Look totally overmatch so far


I was starting to wonder if Cougar High was gonna pitch a shutout. Oh well, floundered for eight minutes and only down 8. Could be a lot worse.

Clogs have obviously decided to be overly physical

Testing our manhood

This is ugly

This could from a tough loss to a big embarrassment. Houston isn’t that talented!

Reality check

Really pretty much sucked

Not Trey’s best game. I don’t know what the hell he is doing on defense.

It is not going to turn in to an embarrassment.

Houston playing out of their mind and we’re flat as a pancake. Beard and Jones only reasons we’re within 20.

We are too good. Not gonna happen.

Flashbacks to Vandy last year.

Rob Gray hasn’t scored a single point and we are down 15, that’s not good. We were a 2nd half team last season, let’s see if we still are.

Not looking good. We don’t look like ourselves. I think Houston was fired up for this game and we thought we would get an easy win.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one that was thinking that

So disappointing

To many shots early and often from players that should be role players. Houston came out hot from 3 and have put it on our chin! Bad night no big deal.
We have a good team. Too much time off hurt.