Houston Dale thinks CBB will be on the hot seat

in 2017. Not winning enough and meaningless bowls not enough.

Not sure HDN got all HIS facts straight, and not sure where he gets his information from.

http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/arkans … seat-2017/

It CBB fails to win at least seven games next season, yea you can kiss his arse goodbye. But in my 'pinion the Hogs will win nine or ten. Or more. Stay tuned, Bro.

Different rodeo in 2017 than in 2007. John White isn’t running the show, for one thing. And BB hasn’t alienated nearly as many people as HDN did. (Nutt couldn’t even win meaningless bowls, either).

To some degree HDN has a point, AR fans are getting restless now. This is a different era in college football and the SECW. Nutt was much more fortunate with what and when he took over here than CBB was. HDN’s undoing was all on him. Just as it was at OM.

I could smell some sour grapes from that interview also.

If Long is here, BB will be safe with 7 wins if all other areas under BB watch remain acceptable to the AD.

Jeff long won’t fire anyone unless they have a motorcycle like incident.

And lie about the details of the incident.

Houston has a problem

His comments demonstrate one of the many reasons I lost confidence in him

HDN is portraying again how Arkansas fans are unrealistic because realistically HDN believes he gave Arkansas as good a program as Arkansas can have -

HDN was floating comments to try and instruct Arkansas to not expect to win because it’s hard in the SEC - these comments are more of the same

Coach Bret at least has not accepted that this is as good as it gets - he is working on improvement to give Arkansas someying we have never had - like a SEC title

Besides HDN isn’t half the leader or CEO Coach Bret is - look at recuiting

HDN gives scholarships and then gray shirts after people are on campus and he can eval who will work out

Coach Bret evals early and develops players - HDN never developed players

HDN never developed a QB - already Ciach Bret has far surpassed HDN in QB development

I’m clearly in for the long run with Coach Bret

Leadership, pushing to win and striving to win with no excuses shows how superiour Coavh Bret is to the used car salesman who left for Ole Miss

He has a point

He resigned?

That’s funny.

Is Hooten Dale auditioning for the role of Captain Obvious in the Hotel.Com commercials? Of course CBB’s seat is going to heat if he doesn’t start winning more. However, if he continues to run a program that we can be proud of and does not try and hold us hostage on a tarmac one year then play footsie with a division rival the next, it will heat a little slower than it did for another mediocre coach. Yeah those were some great Alabama teams Houston had to deal with during his championship runs weren’t they? Is this man capable of opening his mouth without tooting his own horn?

Nutt would still be Arkansas’s coach if he were capable of allowing an offensive coordinator to run the offense (which might have required that he upgrade from Mike Markuson).

Assuming he goes 7-5 again he should be on the hotseat.

3-9 6-6 7-5 7-5 7-5 won’t get you on the hot seat? Really? If so we really do have Misstake, Vandy, and Kentucky potential and expectations.

Amen and kudos to Boar!!!

Bret is vulnerable at present in one area-- defense. Otherwise, he has a great mix of skills and personality, good enough to stay at Arkansas as long as he wants.

We’ll see what he does with his D in the next year. Over the years Dudley has suggested a rule of thumb for evaluating hot seat situations–at least from the fans perspective. He says fans are ok as long as they have “hope”. I agree with Dudley.

IMHO BB doesn’t have to “fix” the D, he only needs to be perceived as “fixing” the D. If fans see the D taking steps in the right direction next year, there will be no hot seat in Fayetteville, even if we don’t have a “finished project” in our 4-3/3-4 scheme.

Houston is still an angry man because he got canned. He did not resign…everybody besides Houston Nutt knows that. He was fired.

Also, I think Dale is fudging a bit. We did not win 3 SEC West titles while he was here. Alabama won the West one of those times, but was on probation and could not go to Atlanta. We went to Atlanta 2 times while Nutt was here, I think.
One of those was by default, due to Bama’s probation.

Am I wrong about this? Somebody clear this up, please.

Amen, good post!! WPS

At least with me, (and that carries a whole lot of weight in Fayetteville- yeah right), Coach B will be on the “hot seat” if there are no moves towards an SEC defense. I don’t know if that is on Rob or talent or -I know lack of speed, but it MUST be addressed. I am sure he knows that and will make efforts toward that.

The crazy thing is that this is coming from HDN. He is the last guy to be mouthing off about hot seats. He should know what they feel like, and know no program in the country wants anything to do with him. Does he think the job would be his? I think a motercycle rider would be ahead of him.

I know that coaches who were fired or (resigned to keep from being fired) enjoy telling about coaches who should be in the same situation. It makes them feel better for some strange reason. Houston Nutt and Jack Crowe are both doing those sort of things these days. And, there are plenty of folks out there ready to hand a microphone to an-out-of-work coach.

Did HDN volunteer this information spontaneously or was he asked about it? How can you blame a guy for voicing his opinion if asked?

We want guys to be honest when asked a question and not give coach speak, then we crucify them when they do.