Houston Channel 2 reported

That UofH is still negotiating with KS. They presented the 6 yr, $18 mm offer last Monday. Since then they’ve continued to negotiate. No word on whether the offer has changed. Houston officials were hopeful and that they expected a final decision within 48 hours.

Thanks for the update. It appears we are still in the hunt for Kelvin Sampson. So, a decision is expected within 48 hours…so we may have to sit tight for a day or two. If Sampson comes, good…if not we shall resume the hunt.

Hopeful we can get Sampson. Would be a great fit.

All we are going to do is get Sampson a big raise, don’t believe he’s going to leave Houston.

I wonder if Sampson going to UCLA?

I’ve been looking into the Houston boards, trying to get any info. They said Houston upped there offer to 6 years $24 million, which was supposedly our offer as well. Then the guy yesterday (Berman) came out and said AR never spoke with Sampson. Apparently this guy is considered like our guys here on WholeHog because all of those fans stopped the rumors and believe AR never spoke to him. Take that for what it’s worth

I have no clue who we are after, and I’m not sure HY knows either

He’s correct Arkansas has not “OFFICIALLY” spoken to Coach Sampson. That occurs when he’s locked in following permission from the Houston AD.

Behind the scenes HY has been advancing on KS for 3 months. At this point Coach Sampson is being courteous as it’s obvious by now his agent turn down the first offer.

I realize everyone is dealing in worst cast scenarios on social media but I seriously doubt this is simply a money issue.

How do you know this?

Mike Nail said as much:
Link: https://youtu.be/WdCCrrivvJg

And it’s been discredited several times.

Okay…thats news to me thanks Bake.