Houston Baber works for Saturday down south

Does anyone on this board know how to get in contact with this idiot?

Web site says hbarber17@gmail.com

What did he do?

I’m just tired of our hogs being a punching bag!
Our Razorbacks belong to the whole state! They fail to give credit to the success of our athletic department as a whole and take every chance they get to put a fork in us!
Football is our weak leak but that’s all they want to continue slamming.
CCM is now at Auburn but their tune about him has flipped!

Haven’t seen the story.

It was on SDS yesterday!

Army, as a favor to the rest of us, can you copy the URL of the website and simply paste it to your post when you start threads like this? That way, we can see the article you’re talking about.


When I figure out how to do it I will! I’m a little behind on h this stuff. I’m an old and outdated.

seems like a wild tangent, dude writes very little and I cannot see anything offensive in searching his name on sds:

nothing stands out on twitter either


another mystery generated by army

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