House of Cards

Lost in the worst defensive performance by a 21st century Razorback team was… a frightening look at how thin (In depth, not girth) our offensive line has become 8 games into the season. How Austin Allen is still able to stand upright after playing tackling dummy the past 4 weeks is hard to explain. So is our non-existent run blocking. The bye week must result in a win over Florida or else we’re headed for a Shreveport bowl after win #6 or 7 at Mizzou the day after Turkey Day. Oh… why wait to fire the D.C. until December? The QB’s dad could come out of retirement and do better. Or, Bielema could take over defensive play calls. Smith has proven ineffective in back-to-back seasons. Even Vandy can play a spot of defense in this league now and then. Humiliation, Coach Smith. Pathetic every week.

That is the one thing that Vandy can do. Derek Mason is a fantastic defensive coach and if he is let go (looking less likely at this point) then he is the first person CBB should call to become our DC IMO.