Hot take--

Jones and Joe will make more 3’s this season that Barford and Macon did last year.

Jones much better 3 point shooter than imagined–knew Joe was a shooter but not this good (despite cold night on Wed).

People tended to downplay Jones a little because of the stigma of JC players. However he wasn’t the typical JC player. He had good stats (great shooting stats), but what many fans didn’t take into effect was that he did this as a freshman. He was a full qualifier coming out of high school, so he was eligible after his freshman year, without taking a red-shirt year. His stats as a freshman in JC were great. He also averaged 19 pts and 10 boards the 20 games he started. He shot over 42% on 3s. And, fortunately for us, he has even improved a lot as most freshmen do for their sophomore year. He also has great basketball genes as his older brother played for Duke.

And, I agree that Joe and Jones have a great shot at making more 3s than Barford and Macon did last year. Especially if Gafford continues to improve his passing back out after being double teamed. Having a true PG(s) in Harris and Sills will help Joe and Jones get better shots than Macon and Barford got last year.

I’m fine with that as long as % is ok. But It’s early in the season to make that prediction. I just hope we aren’t shooting all those 3’s in desperation.

I’m gonna say probably not because they will not get up as many shots as Barford and Macon. By February I think this team will have more balanced scoring than last year’s. The bench guys are looking more comfortable every game, and Harris penetration will probably be more of the O as the season progresses, though that could also get them more treys. PF is also likely to provide more scoring than last year.