Hot shooting day for Moses Moody

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Couldn’t be happier for Moses. What a great opportunity he has in front of him.

Moody is a player! He could end up making the opening day roster for Golden State. He is a unique young man whom is grounded and has the attitude to be successful in anything he takes on. In this day and age it’s a breathe of fresh air to see him play and do interviews.

If you take someone in the lottery, the expectation is that he will be on the opening day roster.

To be precise, Moody was 8 of 14 from the field, 3 of 6 from deep, and hit all three of his foul shots.

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GS not only got a great player, but one hell of a class act…



Kudos for nis parents. They raised him right.

Give Muss a little credit too.

Moses is a grounded young man who will be hero for many kids.

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Moses represents the Hogs very well. Very happy for that young man. It will be fun rooting for him his team always.

Moody didn’t play last night; they showed him on the bench in a hoodie. I had the TV muted at that moment so didn’t hear explanation.

Meanwhile Isaiah Joe got tripped late in the Sixers OT loss to the TWolves and was down for a couple of minutes. Couldn’t tell if his knee or ankle was the issue, but he limped to the bench and didn’t return.

Moody DNP chest injury…

There were lots of great moments for Moses last season. But one of the best came early in the year when things were not falling his way. Others were taking shots. He’d go to the corner and provide the spacing Muss wanted. Eventually, sets were called to take advantage of his abilities (and he excelled), but what impressed me is that he handled his role (even when it wasn’t large) in great fashion. That’s important, especially at the next level.


He is just a great young man and his Mom and Dad are great people. I know his Dad a bit and what he has mentioned about Moses show the tight bond between them.

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