Hot Seat Bowl in Arlington!

After getting embarsssed by Mizzou, Va Tech, and physically humiliated by TCU Arkansas & A&M should be the hot seat bowl like LSU & Auburn was last year.

Cluster today surely has shaken even the most diehard kool aid gulpers

Pillow fight

I’m afraid of what the angry Aggies are going to do to us. We could have 10 weeks to prepare for this game and it wouldn’t matter. Sorry, but we do not have a UCLA passing attack. It is going to be bad.

It’s time for Jeff Long to put some pressure on CBB.

He needs to feel it. His team looks almost as pathetic as he does on the sideline, when things don’t work like they do in practice against a bunch of walk ons.

A&M will kill this team if we don’t figure something out.

A&M will run all over this team

Sumlin has made it to the magical point where it could be stomached even though nothing fazes AGGs or Whorns for money cost. Buyout clauses show how much agents own SEC AD’s. Long operates out of fear and common sense, which I translate to fear just like BB coaches . Long should show the same confidence in BB that he shows in his team. … ary-buyout