Hot damn boys.....

Moss committed

Wow! YES!

You bet .W P S

Nice nice pick up. Wow

This is a big big win for Mussleman. This is like getting a senior Jaylen Barford. Nice.

We are suddenly looking pretty salty for next season. Now if only Connor Connor would be granted a waiver and Khalil Garland would be cleared.

I’m still worried about the post position

But very happy with this news and the three recruits.

And coach has only been on the job a short time and doesn’t have his full staff yet even

Is it? Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a very solid pickup and I’m excited about Moss.

But, Barford averaged 18 PPG, 4 RPG, 2.5 APG and 43% 3pters as a senior and was 1st team All-SEC.

Moss averaged 9PPG 3 RPG 2 APG and 42 % 3pters as a junior.

I like Moss a lot. And, they are different players. But, saying this is like adding a Sr. Barford seems like a bit much.

I caught a lot of highlights of Moss and even part of Tennessee-Iowa game I still had on my DVR, before responding to you. I agree with you. Let’s just say I got a bit carried away in the excitement of getting a new recruit.

PJ, like you, I watched most of the TN, Iowa game. What I saw was a great “looking” basketball player. In watching Iowa, he stood out more than any other Iowa player to my eye. As a comparison Razorback player, I viewed him more in the vein of a bigger Daryl Macon. An extremely fluid basketball player with effortless “movement” on the court. When I recently saw his stats, I was surprised. Just in watching him play in that game, I thought he had to be a 15+ ppg player.

I think maybe his stats don’t tell the story about his potential. Perhaps he will breakout in CEM’s pace and space offensive system. CEM said his players have a certain amount of freedom within his system. Iowa appeared to have a more structured offensive system.

Barford as a Junior avg 13PPG, 4RPG, 2APG and 27% 3pters. Moss needs to make a similar jump, not guaranteed but doable :sunglasses:

Muss 1st team has a chance to be much more balanced than Anderson’s 2018 Barford, Macon team.

We will have to wait to evaluate the “more balanced” part. That team had Macon, Barford and Beard in the backcourt, Gafford and Thompson at the 5 and Dustin Thomas and Arlando Cook at the 4. Seemed to be well balanced. They just had some bad outings including the Butler game.

That team had a 9 man rotation w > 14 minutes but Macon and Barford were about 1/2 of the points. Muss is not known for having 9 guy rotations, but I will agree it remains to be seen what happens. Looking forward to it. :sunglasses: