Hospital Ward?

Watching local sports and shows, the commentary made it seem like the whole team is beat up and/or injured. I had visions of the team running through the A on crutches dragging IV poles.

Tell me it ain’t that bad. Haselwood, Latham and a bunch of CBs seemed to be the main areas.

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Coach already said Latham should be back tomorrow. I think Hasselwood too.

He said the 2nd DBs (Bishop, Chavis, McGlothern) have been injured during camp at one point or another. Nothing too serious. But making it hard to pick who will be that 2nd DB.

Poor Hogs!

Let’s send out a memo to Cincy and others to just forget about us, we’re beat playing against ourselves…

At the end of fall camp, everyone is hurting…even the coaches.

Doesn’t sound like there are many serious injuries, though.

On the first televised “Sunday Coaches Show” last night, CSP talked about how healthy the team was going into the Cincy game. Every D-1 football team in the country has injuries in fall camp. Sam seems to believe, knowing some injuries will always happen, that this team is “healthy” after camp. If he doesn’t have concerns, then I don’t either.

By the way, he specifically mentioned Haselwood being in the healthy camp for the Cincy game. He also mentioned that he has 6 OL starters, Stromberg, Limmer, Wagner, Latham, Jones, and Crawford. He said they don’t miss a beat, whichever of the 5 are in the lineup. That could be that he’s unsure about Latham as of yesterday? Sam didn’t say that. It’s just my take after he mentioned 6 starters.

They love Crawford. He can play either spot on right side. Limmer can flip to left side. Latham can play multiple spots. As can Luke Jones. Most teams have about three good offensive linemen. Now Cincy returns all five OL starters. Three were all league.

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