Horrible Rule

I’ve always been in favor of being able to advance the ball to the front court after a made basket. But watching the UConn-Notre Dame women’s game, UConn was able to advance the ball on a turnover. I don’t like that. A team should have to get the ball where it went out of bounds. JMO.

With you on that. Glad UConn did not score on that.

The NBA rule has always been that in the last 2 minutes you can advance the ball to the front court after a basket, rebound or anytime the ball is out of bounds at the price of a time out. The women are just using the same rule. You just don’t see it as often after a turnover, but if the ball is out of bounds the ball is out of bounds no matter how it got there.

On second thought, I just realized what you’re saying. A team should be rewarded for bad defense (allowing a made basket) and punished for good defense (forcing a turnover)??? How the heck does that make any sense at all?

In this case, it wasn’t good defense. The girl dribbled it off her foot after catching it and before turning toward the defender. She just got into a hurry.

Doesn’t matter. It’s still a turnover.

So a team is punished twice for bad offense. Don’t like the rule but they didn’t ask me.

No they’re not punished twice. The team that gets the ball gets to advance it as long as (a) they have a time out left and (b) they don’t try to advance the ball up court on their own. Applies whether the team hit a three on its possession or kicked it out of bounds.

Whatever, Swine. I just said I don’t like the rule, think it’s bad, but nobody asked me my opinion when implementing it.

Agree. Stupid rule. Pro sports, college sports, wherever.

Imagine if they used the same rule in football. Less than two minutes to go in a half, one team scores. Timeout, no kickoff. Let’s give the team that just got scored on the ball in the other team’s half of the field?

Think it’s silly that last minutes of a half are treated differently than the rest of the game.

Yea well the right team won so someone was trying to do the right thing.

It is coming soon when kickoffs are eliminated.