Horrible free throw shooting

Add that to we can’t stop anyone from driving.

We can’t drive. We can’t stop them. Can’t break down their defense so we turn to being a 1
On 1 jump shooting team.

This is another LSU game.

I am losing confidence in this years team. They just are not coming together.

We are playing bad basketball all around

Defense bad
Free throws bad
Rebounding bad

Etc etc

too many nonshooters on this team,we really miss dusty watkins and Moses becasue all were good free throw mshooters

I think that a lot of our problems with our free throw shooting is that the worst ft shooters are at the line. Macon and Barford need to get to the line more. Last year Macon was getting to the line and making his free throws. The overall team looks to be poor shooters at the line. No excuses they all should be better.

Absolutely. I did a double take when I saw the game stats and we made more field goals than Florida. But, they made their free throws and they made their 3-pointers.