Horrible Coaching

I really could care less what people say about this coach, he is over matched!!!


There is NO way it takes 36 seconds to run a play???

You could get 11 people off the street and do it better so i dont want to hear talent blah blah

A coach should be able to get the plays in faster, the way they do is let the def get rested

I don’t know if Morris is good, bad, or something in between.

When you have the least talented roster in the league it’s hard to tell.

By the way, Can thank your buddy for that roster.

The University should sue CBB for not living up to his contract. This train wreck and horrible recruiting is a dereliction of duty on his part. He damn well knew he wasn’t getting SEC caliber recruits for a number of years. He was just collecting a fat paycheck to feed his expanding waste line.

Then why post this if you don’t care what people say?

You can’t expect to go fast in a horse race when you’re riding a mule.

I don’t know why it’s taking time to get the play call in and you don’t either.

Really? I’d love to see you out on the field then. And if you don’t care to read the view on talent, then again, why are you posting this?

Are you a coach? DO you know better? I’m just asking because you have a lot of absolutes that must mean you have an expertise that the rest of us, including the coach, don’t.

Look, Morris has to take the brunt of the blame for the season because he’s the head coach. I get that and I know he gets that. But at some point you have to point to the players as well. Morris didn’t coach Storey to make bad throws or hold the ball too long. He didn’t coach Jones and O’Grady to drop balls right in their hands. He didn’t coach Clary to misplace the snap. It’s a team sport and everybody has to take these games on the chin, including fans.

I have not been a fan of his play calling, and he hasn’t been able to coach them up obviously.

But will give him time. If he doesn’t get KB I don’t see much difference next season, and it becomes a longer process.

I agree with your sentiments General. But also remember that CBB is also just as responsible for this fiasco. The man was a complete fraud.

I haven’t seen one thing (other than recruiting) that I have been impressed with this season. Awful in all areas. Bad decision regarding QB. Ultra conservative.

But, he deserves time. I saw zero progress this year and the team quit on him. Horrible start to his tenure.

Maybe/maybe not. Again, Bielema is gone and now it’s Morris’ team. I truly believe that Morris will get us back to being a competitive team. Hopefully this year is just the lumps we have to take to get there.

It’s a well known fact & proven by the best coaches in football. In the SEC & to some extent in other P5 conferences, You can only coach as good as your worst players on the field. You are only as fast as the slowest player on the field. So your worst & slowest players get exposed quickly if the other team has better, and so far that’s been the case, other than our 1st & 2nd games of the year.

This is not the 1960’s or 70’s football anymore where you lined up & banged heads. Offenses & defenses go at weak spots with precision. They take their pick at our weak spots.

It’s easy to out Coach the other guy when he has nothing to compete with. When every possible big play they make gets negated by penalty or dropped pass or whatever.

I don’t agree with you on progress. I saw progress, but we simply don’t have the depth to hold on in the last part of the season. Special teams has gotten better. Defense got a little better. Offense has been the bane of the team the last 3-4 games. We’ll see how it progresses.

It is these “head buried in the sand” fans that have helped perpetuate the state of this program. Great job General hog, you attacked a fellow fan for giving his opinion. He doesn’t have to be a coach to recognize players completely lacking in fundamentals. A 10 loss season is inexcusable. Like other programs that have been down and recovered, we should demand more. And no General hog, I am not a coach, but I did play for a decent FBS school.

BTW, I am in CCM’s corner, and I hope he gets it together. Eight years of terrible football is enough for me. I never thought this would be possible with a program as proud and capable as the UofA’s.

Yes, the team is a train wreck. However, some of what I see is coaching. Yes, Morris needs time to see what he can do. How long…dunno.

None of us can point to anything we’re proud of with this team or the coaching staff. At least for the performance this season. The team has quit, has no talent, & it’s obvious the coaches can’t do anything about it. However, our only option is give him time & hope for the best. I don’t want the AD telling him he should replace any asst coaches. Either Morris knows how to coach or he doesn’t.

The incoming recruiting class looks promising. It’ s going to take at least two to get us competitive in the SEC. Regardless, as bad as this is, we don’t have many options. We don’t need to change coaches at this point. As fans, we don’t need to get into the mindset of “we’ll fire him at the end of next year,” either. Let’s see what happens next year. If we’re 2-10, we can re-think. Even if we’re 4-8 we can re-think, but this won’t be fixed soon. Saban wouldn’t be able to, either.

I don’t think you understood what I posted. “These fans” you mean understanding fans? At no point did I say this was excusable, in fact, I said otherwise. Don’t try to call me out of calling out another fan. I’m guessing that poster is an adult and can speak for themselves.

Zero progress for sure. That’s been the most frustrating. Nothing has improved. Nothing. Does he even know how to coach a pick play so it isn’t called?

Special teams didn’t improve? Defense didn’t improve? Offense, maybe.


i did reply and need no one to defend me but at least others see the same thing

I did play and i did coach.

A Jr High can run the spread and these players played it in high school or at least 95% did so its not really different.

If you are out manned as you seem to think then why not SPREAD the field??

You put 5 WR in and open the OL splits to open the lanes some what and throw slants or quick outs. then quick draws with the linemen or QB draws.
As Forest Gump said " it doesnt take a smart man to do this"

Then take some long chances every now and then. It is really not that hard to do

Same concept as basketball when you do not have the big men. You play small fast guys and make the chase you and shoot 3’s

Look at the roster and you see 4 stars all over it so the crap about talent is just a lie that you guys want to throw out there.

Its not CBB’s fault the Rogers quit, Jake H had to quit, Malone blew out his knee, that it took into the 5th game to pick out a QB. That was as stupid as it gets.

No special teams DID NOT improve and the defense is horrible.
Offense is last or next to last.

Defense is ranked 69th coming into the game…I invite you to google their rank last season.