Hornsby's speed

So is that 4.74 accurate? I was under the impression that he was a burner.

No I have seen that and it’s way off… kid ran a 10.78 100m. Which is better than Lamar Jackson’s 11.45 I would say he’s in the 4.4 range… I think the 4.7 was when he was a sophomore.

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Youda is right

From what I seen, the kid hits high gear very quickly.

After watching Hornsby’s highlights, if he is a legit 4.74 guy then no one he is playing against can run faster than a 5.0. Just sayin’.

Hornsby from the same HS as Knile Davis??

He’s a 10.7 100 guy, that’s faster than 4.7. I know that’s what he ran at the opening, but that’s a bad time for him. He plays in elite Texas football, he’s absolutely playing guys every week who are faster than 5.0.

I’d say he’s a true 4.4-4.5 guy. Elite speed for a qb. The 10.7 speaks for itself

Yes. Agree. I suppose I should start attaching Emojis to my posts.

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Yup, I saw 10.88 recorded 100 meters, make it 11 * 40%, sounds like a legit 4.5 at minimum.

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