Refine his passing ability. Be a good teammate. Make winning plays. I haven’t seen a lot of winning football out of Hornsby this year.

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He was to work at wide receiver and it appears he didn’t want that position and believes himself to be a quarterback

BTW he was also promised that he will get to play as a receiver. He is not in either QB or receiver rotation. Hopefully we will get sone explanation from Pittman.

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Pj I have heard he doesn’t want to be a receiver hence why not in the rotation

So far the only thing that Hornsby has show to me is speed.

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Hornsby seems to be a physical talent but that’s about it. CSP said he would have to earn his place and he doesn’t seem to want to do that. His deletion of all things Hogs also seems to reflect an entitlement attitude.

Does anybody really believe that coaches would NOT use Hornsby if they thought he could help?

We have message board experts on here who are sure he should be playing because he has elite speed. That’s it. No one on here has seen practice. No one is in the locker room. I’m pretty sure the reason he is not playing is because he has not been good enough.


I disagree with you. He has been wasted just like the TE .


There was a time when I think you could have called Arkansas “Tight End U”. No longer. It just isn’t utilized as much in the KB scheme and I don’t see us getting those good tight end recruits as long as CSP is choosing to run this style of offense.

Hornsby is gone he just hasn’t left yet, I doubt we see him on the sidelines next Saturday :man_shrugging:. WPS

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I think you may be right.

Wasted? Oh come on. The guy is fast. That’s it. What else has he shown in games? The problem is that teams like Bama have people as fast as Hornsby that are 220 lbs and can run your a** over and take it 70 yards to score. Hornsby is a one trick pony. Let him play QB at Sam Houston or some place like that, assuming he can even start at a school like that. I’m not sure he can.


I agree with you texhog. Lou Holtz was great about evaluating talent of a player and finding a way to use the talent in a game. This year we would put Hornsby in a package that defenses would key on watching him. It was predictable. We did the same with burks last year early in games. It was predictable who would get the ball.

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It was obvious to me last year when we were seeing him in some games that he couldn’t run the checks and he would look to run at first opportunity. Some said he just needed the QB whisperer KB more and he would get better the more time he had to learn the system. After a year, he doesn’t seem to be able to run it better or Cade Fortin wouldn’t be the backup.

He doesn’t seem to want to play WR so I doubt he’s really committed to learning that either.

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Ketron Jackson is emerging as a go-to receiver because when he gets opportunities he’s taking advantage of them. He’s in position to get those opportunities because of what happens in the position meetings and on the practice field during the week. That is only common sense.

And it applies in reverse to others as well. Again, only common sense. If a player was ready to help us, he would be getting opportunities to do so, as Dubinion has with the running backs.


Fortin is the back up. Im in the camp that thinks he pretty much has been for quite some time. He’s not bad.

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Pittman said yesterday, “That decision has been made for a while.”

The tea leaves kind of pointed in that direction during the preseason when Pittman said Fortin made them more comfortable letting Hornsby take some practice snaps at receiver. Hornsby has been listed as No. 2 on the depth chart, but I kind of take the depth chart with a grain of salt.

Look at commits for this year. Got some good looking tight ends commitments


Hornsby is fast, and he’s got some athletic ability. That does not make him a QB. He has never shown in either a game or spring practice that he was any threat whatsoever to be QB1 this year or next year if KJ comes back. Projecting him as a starter even in 2024 seems like wishful thinking based on what he’s shown to date. Could he develop into a good QB in a couple of years? Maybe, if you are willing to let him play a lot more now and can live with what you get. That’s not going to happen at Arkansas, so if he wants to be a QB, he needs to find a new home.

Perform with consistency.

We have a house full of receivers.