Is Hornsby not our second team QB anymore? If not, who’s the starting QB next year?

That’s what I’ve asked 3 TIMES!

Nobody seems to answer???

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KJ Jefferson.

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Pittman said after the game tonight that Fortin is the No. 2 QB now.

Your right Gas and its KJ and Hornsby be gone. Sorry to see him go. No 10 is the new back-up…

All that speed---------------------GONE

I don’t understand all the angst about Hornsby. He’s fast, he already left once, obviously they don’t see a need for him.
Hope KJ sticks around, no reason to think he wouldn’t. But it’s 2022, even though we are sometimes lost in the 60’s, you never know.


I wonder if it’s assumed Hornsby isn’t part of future either on his side or programs side.

I think Hornsby is too fast for KJ to loft him a pass. Remember, it takes seven seconds for KJ to decide if he wants to throw long and where.

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For the future Gas

I would say he’s gone after this year

Fwiw I hear Hornsby has deleted everything Razorbacks off his Instagram supposedly tried to take his pads off on the sidelines before Tauren Carter stopped him. I don’t blame the kid for being frustrated, I really don’t ,wouldn’t surprise me if he does transfer.

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I’ve not seen what others see in Hornsby (other than his speed). I imagine he’s gone for sure.

Matt, Do you think Malik knew Fortin was number 2? Surely they had told him already that they had made that decision. People have said Hornsby was frustrated on the sideline, making it look like he found out about their decision with everyone else.

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I believe he got in the doghouse after not throwing the ball back to KJ last week with the receiver wide open, opting to run.

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Go portal one. Fortin is good. There is no future like before. Portal

Hornsby can’t play. Let’s move on.

Well, Pittman talked him into staying, promising he has a future with the Hogs. Looks like Pittman is not coming through with what he promised.

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It’s a 2-way street. Maybe Hornsby didn’t hold up his end of the deal.


Possible. Curious what would be his end of the deal?