From listening to the announcers saying that Hornsby is the fastest on the team, I wonder if they ever thought about him getting a couple of the Jett sweeps from the slot position. Speed never has a bad day and I wonder could he add some wrinkles and more pop to the offense? I’m sure that he is pretty good athlete to be able to handle that from the (H) slot position

He is the back up so I’d hate to see him get hurt. Jmo.


I hear ya! But I always like to have as many athletes on the field in space touching the ball

Oh I hear ya as well, when I saw him on his run against Texas I was impressed. We still got key players we haven’t seen in some packages. Warren, Hammond for example. There’s more I knw CSP has in store as well.

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Warren has played WR. Hammonds didn’t play at all against Texas but got in against Rice.

Thinking more trick plays with them. Saving for bigger games. Just a guess.

He would also be a serious threat with a well designed pass play with Jefferson at QB, maybe even a throw to Jefferson.

Swine you mean #41 didn’t play as a WR right? Because I am almost sure he was on special teams. Which impressed me actually…that our talent has progressed to the point that #41 only sees the field on ST. Says something (good).

The participation chart for the Texas game does not list TJ playing at all, special teams, offense or defense. Could it be wrong? Sure. In fact, the chart says only 45 people got in at all, which is unusually low (60 played against Rice). It’s page 8 of the official box score at the UA website, which can be accessed from the schedule page.

Huh. Maybe I remember him being in there against Rice…and thought it was Texas. I know I saw him on the punt team (defense not return) at some point this season. Thanks Swine.

There are several reasons to keep a participation report. One is that you can redshirt if you played few enough games, but if your name is on the report enough, no 'shirt. Second, some stats are kept on a per-game basis, so TJ wouldn’t be charged with a game for those stats if in fact he didn’t play Saturday, but if he did play, then he would have a game with 0 yards rushing or receiving added to those stats.

They also used to base whether you lettered in football on number of games played, but I don’t think they do that any more.

It’s always possible that TJ was a little dinged up and didn’t play for that reason.

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