Hornsby transferring?

Hearing from usually reliable resources that young Hornsby has decided to put his name in the portal. Do not have any link yet…just strong smoke signals.

I hope not…but he watched KJ too.

Word on the street

Backup QB transferring when starting QB is returning. That has been the trend. No surprise here.

Was wondering if this was going to happen. Unfortunate if so as he is a talent but KJ will be the starter for probably 2 more years. Honestly, was hoping to hear he was being moved to WR because he can be so electric with the ball in his hands.

there was some speculation of KJ getting his NFL eval and going forth if more favorable than we as biased fans think. He is 3 years out of high school, so he could be draft eligible and get paid to sit and learn since no one imagines him pro capable just now. Money is in Briles court to get KJ draft respect.

Well if it’s true I was afraid this might happen and we are going to be in a huge bind if KJ gets hurt.Hornsby has an amazing amount of talent and once he figures it out he is going to make somebody one heck of a quarterback…

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Coley gets the chance to take hold of #2 and run with it now, if this is correct. Hornsby and Coley got just about identical grades out of high school.

Spring ball should be interesting as the rest fight for the crumbs.

If he does leave, I wonder if we will look at portal?

I had an inkling this might happen because Sam mentioned in his press conference they might look at a transfer portal quarterback I would highly recommend that if Hornsby is gone

Can you get a quality QB from portal knowing KJ is here? Transfers are usually looking for playing time that they could not get at their current school.

My bet is Renfro gets the next QB scholarship unless we can wait for c/o 2023.


You just never know with the transfer portal .I am a big fan of Hornsby,so somebody’s going to get a guy who has enormous potential, so yes it is possible to get someone who is really good and just hasn’t been given a full opportunity.

Hate to say it but he might as well. Its KJ next year for certain. And hopefully 2 more years. I’m sure Malik wants to play right now.

Coley may be better anyway.

Is this true?

IMO the kid can play (Hornsby).
What have we seen about Coley?

THIS is what I was afraid of on our RB group. Not enough play time for everybody??
ANYbody think about this?

Hornsby has the speed and quickness like those Alabama receivers. Can he catch the football? Is it too late to move him?

Everything I’m seeing is that kids aren’t gonna wait around to be the #2 QB any more. If there’s a KJ-sized road block, they’re going to go somewhere there isn’t a roadblock. Running backs tend to rotate anyway so they’ll see the field more than the backup QB, barring injury or the starter really sucking (i.e., ex-LSU starter Max Johnson who has left Gumboland).

You need to find a highly ranked freshman with 4 years eligibility lerft, who has a red-shirt freshman or true soph starting in front of him. There’s a pretty good chance KJ, with improvement, will be in the NFL for the 2023 season.

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I’m not finding anyone meeting that description. This guy is leaving because his coach left, has three years of eligibility left, and Ole Miss is sniffing around him. But he hasn’t ruled out going back to the old school depending on who they hire.