Hornsby got the majority of snaps this week

and Haselwood said he showed up today not knowing who the QB would be.

Not great, Bob.

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They don’t have a competent backup. That speaks volumes. If KJ was truly hurt then play the next guy. But they really don’t have a “next guy.” They don’t trust Hornsby because he can’t run the offense in my view.

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At least he showed up today, unlike the whole offensive line

He will NOT show up next year.

Why he’s not used as a slot back is a mystery. He needs to be on the field. If he were we might see him on our sidelines next year.

He has said he doesn’t want to play there, he wants to concentrate on QB. Or least that was reported a few weeks ago.

Its my understanding HE made the choice - he wanted to be full-bore prepped at QB, not mixing up reps at a couple of positions and getting truly prepared to contribute at neither.

If he is not truly a capable QB (I don’t disagree, but we need him to get more than one week, on the road following Bama, to see) and he doesn’t want to make a full-time move somewhere else, then his transfer looks bad to fans but may not be as tragic to coaches who need someone who can play the position.

And, count me in the group of people who saw on the first drive that KJ not only looked like he had limited zip on the ball and was not timing his throws well, it looked (to me) that he had a fog about him (like he had some post-concussion stuff going on).

KJ seemed like a VERY unwilling runner, though he had some good gains late. Maybe we’ll find out what’s really been going on after the season.

I called it Covid fog;

Looks like a banged up shoulder to me. I am guessing it’s been like that a few weeks. I know he did not throw during open week.

There were a lot of underneath throws today that were wide open that KJ didn’t hit. Wouldn’t have hurt his arm much at all. Maybe his eyes/brain is the real injury.

I saw some of that, too. But I saw errant throws as well. I saw hesitation to run and bad timing on RPO. All of that points to lack of practice. Poor play by the offensive line was part of it, too. You read one player expecting others to be blocked. It’s all a bad combination. I knew Liberty’s defense would be tough to handle. That’s a decent front, especially the NT and MLB.

You nailed it Clay. Great analysis. Seriously.

When do you think was our last season with a reliable, efficient qb that could win us 10 games if we had the other pieces.

Depends on the schedule. This is a brutal schedule. Never seen anything like the last three years. Put Quinn or Matt against this schedule would be tough.

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And liberty beats us w a third string qb. Now that says tons about our qb recruiting.

He doesn’t want to play receiver slot Db or anything other than quarterback. Therefore that is where he sits.

I would hope someone will tell him he might make a living playing ball at a different position. May take a transfer for it to click.

Our quarterback room is pretty bare. Last year’s signee left already. We were only offer at qb in sec for KJ.

There are some options just got to get them on campus

Pretty sure KJ had offers from UGA and Ole Miss

they play a third string qb and whip us. if hornsby took all the snaps in practice, adjust the game plan to whatever he does best and go with him. we have no qb depth, and it will be worse next year. hornsby i expect to leave, the freshman we have committed is injured. leaves up with a transfer and a walk on. geez coaches can’t you see that? and what decent transfer will come in if he knows he’s going to sit on the bench behind kj. coaching decisions killing us across the board.

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