Hornsby calls the Hogs

Whoo Hoo!!!

What a gret a day to be a Hog! pieces are all coming together!! foundation being set!!Hornsby is the QB of the fture for us just and incredble athlete who has all the tools!

He’s lightning in a bottle. Great pickup!

The improvements made to the roster are showing up today.
The center piece Grad transfer QB Franks and Incoming 4 Star QB Hornsby. The position that killed us last year! What a day.

Oh my gosh, almost too much good news in one day to handle!!!

That is impressive. Arkansas is finishing strong which is not the norm. This is exciting for me, not being a recruitnik. Coach Pittman and his staff are to be congratulated for putting together a solid class in such a short time. We feel like we have the coaches, and now it appears we are going to be able to recruit the players to get this program back to a proud level.

Thank all of you coaches and players who helped us get this class.

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thought KJ was the future?

According to whom???I have never said that… I love KJ and he may very well be the future but in my opinion he doesn’t have the tools this kid has. Very good problem to have to have 2 kids with great potential.

I would say he is until someone proves the staff otherwise. A lot can happen to Freshmen. I really like KJ

Too many good QBs on the roster always works out, to many marginal QBs don’t ever seem to work out as we have tried it and failed miserably. WPS

Anyone else notice the end of the address “do-not-post”, seems like the good folks here at WHS had this writeup ready to go for some time :blush:

Thank you Malik Hornsby for choosing the Arkansas Razorbacks ,may your time here exceed all your dreams of playing collegiate football. WPS

Huge news and huge day for our football program!

A buddy of mine(also Razorback fan) in Houston has been singing this young mans praises for over a year now. I welcome Malik and hope my friends optimism is well founded.

How fast is Hornsby? 10.88 recorded for 100 meters. Let’s BALLPARK it. Round it up to 11
flat times 40% and you get a 4.4 40. Ballpark speed.

Will he beat out Jefferson? I say competition brings out the best and may the best man
win. Felipe can play two more if I understand correct? Injuries very likely could also be a factor
for playing time amongst all 3. Good situation. :sunglasses:

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