Horns v. AC

The last 8 mins of this game is the worst basketball I’ve seen in a long time. AC did not score in the last 8 mins and is only down 5.

The fightin’ fallopians as Jeff calls them are playing like trash. Shaka is about to get a haircut.

Shaka may end up in with a rally hit seat if they get beat tonight! AC looks like the better team. The horns have 22 turnovers so far. If AC makes their Free throw they should win.

Well the Horns got beat! What a great day. Shaka may be feeling some heat soon.


Shaka got zulu’d big time.


Oh how I love to see Texass lose…

I was thinking the same thing pavlov. As a 63 year old rec player, I’m proud to say that I have never dribbled the ball off my foot. Everytime I looked up in the closing minute of that game, someone was doing that!

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