Horns' Toughest Road Environments

Thinking about our home field advantage, it occurred to me that Saturday will likely be one of the toughest, if not the toughest, road environments any of the Texas players have experienced, even the older ones.

Texas no longer travels to College Station or Lincoln, Nebraska. And the OU game, while I’m sure it is pretty crazy, is played at a neutral location.

The only big-name non-conference opponent they have traveled to in the past five years was at USC in 2017. They were scheduled to go to LSU last year but it was obviously canceled.

Among the Big 12 conference games, I suppose Oklahoma State presents the toughest road challenge. But they haven’t played in Stillwater with fans since 2018 (they lost). It’s up for debate between OkieState, Texas Tech, TCU, Iowa State and Baylor as to who gives them the toughest road challenge. There are no other contenders.

And here we are traveling to Death Valley, Starkghanistan, Neyland, the Swamp, etc.

I’m thinking the home crowd can play a big role in this game.

West Virginia can be a very tough place to play, and Iowa State has gotten to be pretty tough the last few years.

They don’t have a glittering record on the road against non-conference Power Five teams the last few years. They lost at Maryland in 2018, lost at USC in 2017, and lost at Notre Dame in 2015.

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WVU definitely has a good home environment. But I would think that when Texas comes to town in Ames or Morgantown, it’s a little bit like Florida or Georgia coming here – Exciting but probably not the biggest event of the year. Our crowd will be extra juiced.

Crowd can be a big factor when Texas is trying to make adjustments and communicate during the game. Should Hogs get some momentum early, the crowd can become a bigger factor by giving home team some juice.

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