"Horns down" gestures getting cancelled by the Big 12

Looks like it’s going to cost you 15 yards if you do the downward “hook em” sign this season. Glad they can’t flag the fans, otherwise there might be lots of penalties in Fayetteville this September.

“Horns down” getting cancelled

Awww. Is someone hurting the poor babies’ feelings?

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Talk about drawing attention ang being dumb all wrapped in orange- the color of money down there.

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As usual Texass gets special treatment. I’ll bet that the other teams in the Big 12 are getting pretty fed up. Kinda funny actually.

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If Big12 is penalizing ‘horns down’ hand sign, they need to also penalize all on the field hand gestures, including “horns up” sign. Any hand gesture in the face of an opposing team can be offensive.

This smells like a partisan decision by Big12 officials who allow ut to call all the shots on behalf of the conference.

Perhaps the SEC should notify ut that any ‘horns up’ sign during the upcoming Arkansas game will result in penalties. Somehow most Big12 teams have a need for hand signs to feel relevant.

I swear, this country is sooooo soft now a days!!! Can’t do anything anymore!!


I would get my two 15 yard penalties and be out of the game.


Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous rules I have ever heard in my lifetime! I will enjoy giving my friends that graduated from there incredible grief over this. I can’t stop shaking my head. I am sure Aggie fans are really loving it! If I was a fan/alum and player for UT I would be ashamed and embarrassed by this. They are making this the same type of penalty as the throat slashing gesture…unreal!

This is exactly why the Horns can’t maintain a high level program in spite of their recruiting and unlimited money. They expect privilege, get it and all their fans wonder why they are not hard nosed and can’t finish games.

I wonder if doing the downward horn is a “T” in basketball? Can you imagine how this will make opposing fans “double up” on the downward horn at every opportunity?

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Maybe the answer to the two end fingers up is a middle finger up.


Yikes! That’s pretty embarrassing. I don’t even have a problem with the throat slash after a touch down in the 4th quarter or beyond.

At the end of the day, this is still a game, right? In a way, I think you should let programs build an ethos. It makes it more enjoyable when you see someone like Alex Collins run for a game-winning td and then just hand the ball to the ref like, “yeah, we’ve been here before. Here you go.”

Believe someone tried that & unsuccessfully tried to explain to the refs that as an expression of being #1.

Does AR get penalized if our players use the “down hook” gesture against ut?

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