Hoping The Whistlers Get a Bad Mouth Fungus

Or something tonight! I must watch Perry, but hoping something stops those two clowns. Otherwise my wife will bust my chops about muting the game! I can’t win.

I’m going to root for Moo U, if only to keep the whistlers quiet.

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Well, Perry made his first missed call. That was six inches inside.

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I worried what Perry would do to the game. But it was such a runaway turned out to be a non issue.

I guess everyone retires at some point. But it looks like he’s still going strong. He won’t go from doing title game to retirement.

I’m confident that Perry will be there next time I go to Omaha.

Perry loves to take off his mask and strut around. You can’t fix incompetent.


What blows me away is he keeps getting chosen for big events.he obviously has the people that matter fooled.

The people that send him to Omaha must be blind!

now down to Va Tech and K State to win a natty since MSt just broke out of the logjam at the bottom for Power5 non-winners. I cannot see either of the laggards make an escape from non-winner soon. Congrats to bullies or leg humpers or whatever for not bringing the SEC down with that continued ignominity

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