Hoping Moses Moody does what Edwards did for Georgia

5 star and ESPN #5 Anthony Edwards shocked everyone except a few this morning by committing to Georgia and Tom Crean. He said he wanted to put his home state school back on the map and thought Crean was a great dude that he can trust to develop his game. He turned down offers from the bluebloods to commit to Georgia.

Moses does not have offers from the bluebloods yet that I know of, but I am sure they are on the way. But regardless, I hope Moses does for Arkansas what Anthony did for Georgia.

Moses, we need you. You know guards flourish in Hawgball.

That is true stuff you wrote but sadly this young guys from Arkansas and their so called support group have no home pride anymore they just have goals of being famous and rich and no vision that they can achieve those goals here mainly because of their so called camp who are those talking in their ear…If we sign a top player like that from the state it will be one that soon as they are offered or not far after they will commit because they always have wanted to go here. If we offer you as a soph or freshman and you are from the state and yet you take your recruitment commitment to the signing day suspense then 9 times out of 10 that guys isn’t coming here and he knew that from day one but just wanted to reap the love from instate until signing day jmo

The handlers will get Moody to make the business decision!

Maybe so but the Moody team is not like the Marcus Monk team and they don’t have any prior issues with UofA.

As I have noted before, the fan hoopla surrounding Kelly Bryant visiting the same weekend as Moses Moody did not go over well with the people around Moses.

But what can you do? The fans were enthralled with the KB saga.

That being said, I don’t think that will be a deciding factor in the decision.

I don’t think any issues with U of A caused the Monk’s to take the $$$$$ train to Kentucky. I’d say Marcus Monk played the folks in NWA like a fiddle. He might have a friend somewhere he has used up!

I had posted my fear about that before Moses visited. I was afraid we would land neither Bryant or Moses by the football crowd focusing on Bryant. Could the basketball staff have rescheduled Moses’s visit to a more suitable time for basketball recruiting?

Good to know that it won’t affect his decision. It reinforces what I heard after the visit. They realize that regardless how good or bad the football program does, football does have a much much larger following in Arkansas.

Hold on a minute. We don’t know that.

No disrespect to Dudley, but that’s just one man’s opinion. And that same observer has already said the “even” DID “upset” some around Moody.

Now, they may say they’ve forgotten it. Maybe they have. And maybe they haven’t.

Not a criticism of ANYONE involved. Just pointing out that you can’t take Dudley’s “I don’t think” and make it a lead pipe cinch. It’s more good than bad that Dudley feels that way. But that’s all it is.

Well this is just sad.
If the entourage is miffed because a HS player didn’t get as much attention from fans on a campus visit?

I think this just speaks volumes about the sorry state of college basketball

The basketball staff should have done more to make Moodys visit a bigger deal. They had a great crowd at the Red White game that Friday night with a TON of students. Why not have staffers communicate with the students for chants for Moody, Thompson and whoever else was there that weekend? What about signs to hand out? Why not get creative and show these guys how really wanted they are? Creatively and and creating excitement for things like this is just something this staff has never been on top of. Social Media? Pre-historic.

Be nice if the hoops staff spent a day with the football staff so they could teach them a thing or two or how to sell and create excitement for the program.

Yep even though we didn’t win the KB sweepstakes the basketball staff maybe could learn from the football staff in selling the program, and selling a program that is in much more dismal state currently. (Football).
Furthermore if an AR kid & his entourage need to have “ALL” the attention in any given day, just goes to show if you aren’t throwing money around you’re probably sucking hind tit anyway.

Yeah, kind of like some wanted Mike to invite Jimmy Dykes (while he was coaching the ladies) to some of the practices to teach fundamentals to the boys.

Moody is a long shot to come here, likely more of no shot. Per people around his family, they just don’t believe Mike develops players. Whether or not this is true or an excuse or whatever, it is part of that decision. He’s not coming here. Need to move on.

So who does the Family think developes players more? Let me guess, sleaseball Cal.

One thing I’d like to say in this thread is that Moodybis a great kid and the people around him are good people, too. Some of the comments are teetering on him having an inappropriate group of folks around him. That’s not the case.

We have an excellent opportunity for Moody, as PJ has said. Up to our staff to land him.


Ive known Kareem and Rona his parents before Moses was born, and know Moses just as well , he played with my brother for 3 years. He comes from a very stand up family, and I doubt Kareem would be lead by money to go to a school. With that being said ,I don’t think Mike has a record of coaching up the guards, and one of his former guards has talked negatively about him, to Moses and family. So i dont think we will land him. I think he will end up somewhere up North. Kareem is originally from Chicago.

Who bad mouths their alma mater to future recruits, that’s just weird. Just cause something didn’t work out for them doesn’t mean it won’t for someone else, you got some real haters out here these days.

I heard Moses and Isiah Joe are pretty good friends, hopefully he would listen to Joe and not a former bitter player that probably wasn’t that good. Isiah and Moses game is similar, and their build’s are similar as well. Joe is breaking records at Arkansas and getting a ton of shots and getting scouts attention here. Macon, Barford, and Hannahs, all had amazing years at Arkansas and developed tremendously. Macon is on an NBA roster right now, and Barford and Hannahs are both on the verge of getting a 10-day contract and these guys were 2-stars and unranked players out of high school, if someone looks at that and first thing they think is “he doesn’t know how to coach up guards” that’s on them for not knowing anything about basketball. He also coached up his nephew Demarre Carroll pretty well, he’s had some nice NBA contracts, and Portis is about to get a big payday this summer. We gotta start exposing these anti-Arkansas/Anderson or whatever you want to call them that spread false rumors and bad mouth future in-state kids.

Qualls advanced & developed pretty well under MA after coming in as a raw athletic type 2-3 star. Until injury after the fact.
Could have advanced even more with 1 more year here, (barring injury), but he made a family decision & really can’t blame him for that.

Absolutely correct, I forgot about Qualls. I still say if he would have stayed another year he would have been a late first rounder/early second rounder. I understand the family aspect of it, but you only get 1 shot when you come out, and if any little thing goes wrong it could end up like it did for him and he goes undrafted. I don’t think it’s ever good leave early if you’re a projected mid-late second rounder and scouts are still projecting you to get better, which they were in Qualls case.

In that situation if you’re low on money and need some for family, but your stock is still rising and you need another year, I say you have to go ahead and take out a student loan, then just use some of your signing bonus to pay that off when you get out. TBH, you could even wait longer than that, think you don’t have to start paying on them until after a year from when you graduated.