Hoping for a well officiated game tomorrow -----------------------

--------------------- we need a crew that doesn’t do ticky tacky touchy fouls out on the floor but will call the over the back fouls on rebounders. Absent foul trouble, we could win this game going away. Joe and Jones are due for big games. Sills three point shooting has been getting better and this could be a breakout game for him. Chaney and Whitt are coming off very good games and are ready to continue if Kentucky concentrates too much on our top two scorers. The crowd will be at a “hair on fire” level. Can’t wait.

How many times have the Razorbacks “won going away” against Kentucky?
The way I remember this series when Kentucky wins the matchup it’s because they are Kentucky and expect to win the game. When Arkansas wins this game it’s a huge celebration because it doesn’t happen that often.
I certainly hope we win the game at home tomorrow, but if I can’t envision us winning this game “going away”.

Not going to win going away for sure. Last possession victory possible if refs do their job. Either call all the fouls or let them play. I envision like in the past the whistles will be quiet in the first half and then come out in the second half for big blue nation. We will have to play sound defense in second half and with composure to get through it. The crowd should help refs.

We can talk more after the game. :sunglasses:

early nominee for the coveted “turd in the punchbowl” post of the day.


Excuse me, but I am simply stating the historical facts in the series between to two teams.

Arkansas wins - 11
Kentucky wins - 32

The majority of Arkansas victories in the series have been single digit margins, two going into overtime and only three games won by double digit margin.
Eight of our eleven wins have been at home so hopefully today will be another win in the series.

Go Hogs!

I do not dispute your historical facts. As always, dfarris, you are accurate and an astute basketball poster.

But it’s ok, on a very fun sports weekend, so say “we’re gonna kill Kentucky tomorrow!”.

Just havin a good time, didn’t mean to offend!


I get it!
I wasn’t attempting to be a Debbie Downer, but I live in Northern Kentucky and live and die with this game each year and unfortunately it has only gone in my favor 7 times in the past 21 years.

Go Hogs!

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Oh well. Wrong again. You were right. It was a badly officiated game but I did enjoy Cal getting thrown out but our guys acted like they thought they had the game locked up and played very poorly the rest of the way.

Yea it was fun seeing him go until it appeared it was either planned or intended to benefit KY. We still have young pups. Hope we get another shot at them.

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